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The women’s beliefs and experiences are recounted within the narrative frame of traditional gatherings where women meet with their spindles and distaffs to spin.
They share advice on such important matters as how to control errant husbands, how to predict the gender of future offspring, how to cure common diseases, and ways to deal with evil spirits, providing a rare look into the intimate lives of medieval peasant women.

Salt Test (from LES EVANGILES DES QUENOUILLES ) : If you wish to know whether a pregnant woman is carrying a girl or a boy, then sprinkle some salt over her head while she is sleeping, so gently that she is unaware of it. Left Foot or Right Foot (from LES EVANGILES DES QUENOUILLES) : When a pregnant lady walks with her right foot first, she is carrying a boy for sure. Color of Woman (ARISTOTLE’S MASTER PIECE #5) :A  recent study has somewhat confirmed the above gender prediction method.

Through a sample of 5276 pregnant women that underwent ultrasonography from 1997 to 2007, Dr.

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