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A new survey says that female graduates are now waiting until they are 35-years-old to have their first child, whilst women who don't go to university are likely to start a family at 25, the same age as their grandmothers. Living in London in my rented flat none of my peers had children and there were few women at work who managed to juggle work and motherhood with the travelling and late nights in the office. Now I dona€™t mind spending my Saturday night making baby food instead of going on a night out.A  But part of the reason for that is how gratefulA  I am to be a mum at all and if I had missed that opportunity because of my age it would have been devastating.
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We are all familiar with the tales of Siamese twins (named for the country of birth of the first known conjoined twins). Ambras Syndrome is a disorder that causes someone to be born with excessive hair over the face and body.
Craniopagus parasiticus is a condition in which a child is born with a parasitic extra head from their unborn twin. Foetus in foetu is when a child is born with his twin inside him, giving the appearance of pregnancy. Vestigial tail is when a child is born with a semi-functional tail, complete with muscles, nerves, skin, and blood vessels. Pictured above is the bonus item – a giant baby born to a mother who was a mere 5 foot tall!
Katie- Reese is so cute, I also  love love love his curls!Jen- looks like you've got trouble when she gets older!  2 boys already!Babymills- great pic, I wish we had a orchard closer!

So, I started taking EPO today, so we'll see if it makes a difference when I get checked on Thursday.  And, I told my husband he might have to have sex with me and he shot me down!!  WTH?! Nicole, the headaches sound aweful.  I'm sorry that they are interfering with your TTC journey. By the way, is anyone else having trouble editing their signature?  I'm trying to update ages, and when I hit edit signature, it just makes my siggy go away, but doesn't let me type anything new.  I'm using Firefox if that makes a difference.
If your child is impulsive and has trouble paying attention and sitting still, could it be ADD? This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only. It is, of course, a rare disorder in which twins are born joined together at one or more parts of their bodies. This is fortunately a very rare disease; in fact, there are only 40 humans in the world with it at present. This can happen in some cases with toes or fingers, but in a recent case in Peru, a young girl was born with her legs completely fused, giving her the appearance of a mermaid. There have only been ten cases of it in documented history, with only three surviving birth. Both twins are usually formed from one egg, but during the pregnancy, one is absorbed by the other and it begins to live off it like a parasite. Where a child is injured and would normally scar or have their skin grow back, the child suffering from fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva develops bone in sufficiently large quantities that it can become debilitating, with the excess bone fusing joints.
It is believed to be caused by a mutation of the genes that exist in infants to cause the cellular death of body parts that are not needed.

The disease is extremely debilitating for children, as they are often rejected by their peers. It is believed that the cause may be related to certain cancer treatment drugs taken by pregnant women.
The bone cannot be removed in surgery because it would cause more bone to grow in the surgery wounds.
Children with progeria lose their hair, develop wrinkles, and take on the facial characteristics of the very old.
According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, “a baby born with anencephaly is usually blind, deaf, unconscious, and unable to feel pain.
Sometimes Siamese twins can be separated, allowing both to live full lives, but more frequently, this is not possible. Severe arterial damage caused by the disease means that most sufferers die by the time they hit adolescence.
Although some individuals with anencephaly may be born with a main brain stem, the lack of a functioning cerebrum permanently rules out the possibility of ever gaining consciousness. They seem to want me pretty bad so we will see if they meet my terms when I meet with them Wednesday.

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