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If they have nursed, their little bellies will be round, even distended, just like Xena's opal rex kit pictured here. One rabbit litter with 6, the other with 1 I have a rabbit with only one kit in her nest and an other rabbit that has six in her litter. Cat Attack Injures Doe and Kit I have one rabbit with her week old litter of seven including 1 thriving runt and her daughter had a litter three days ago.
Can I Save These Babies??? Two of my Californian does (Clover and Dandelion) kindled for the first time 7 days ago. Genetics in the Nest Box after a Big Mistake! I made a first-timer mistake (I have been raising rabbits for 20 yrs). Breeding Questions on Color, Hutch and Time to Breed I have a Lop buck that I would like to breed. 3rd Litter of Baby Bunnies Dying Hi, I have 2 year old male and female angora rabbits. Baby kits born unexpectedly two days ago is it ok to check them Hi I have a doe who has an unexpected litter. Accidental Pregnancy in a Dwarf Angora I have a female dwarf angora rabbit and it's 6 months old. My dwarf doe had 3 kits on Valentine's Day and she seemed to be doing fine with nursing them until earlier today.

Sick 3 week old baby This is my doe's third litter, and all the babies so far have been doing fantastic.
First time rabbit mom not eating after giving birth My doe is a 9 month old Flemish Giant that gave birth yesterday morning to 11 kits. What to do about a small unhealthy kit? My rabbit had a litter of 6 babies about 5 days ago.
How to resuscitate kits? My rabbit had 4 babies sometime Wednesday night however all were dead when we went out. 2 kits from a dwarf doe and a lionhead male Hi I'm Ben and 2 days ago my dwarf rabbit had 2 kits, 1 normal pink colour and another with dark spots.
Can two pregnant does birth and raise kits in their shared hutch? I have two giant Flemish girls (sisters) who I mated on the same day (with a lovely little white buck).
My unplanned pregnant doe rabbit I was counting the due date of my rabbit on two calenders. Watching the birth of rabbit kits I actually got to watch the birth of the rabbit kits.
4 unexpected baby bunnies Hi, I wonder if you can help, I am getting so much different info and advice as to what to do. Our kits are all dead We tried breeding our 2 rabbits and we expected the kits today and we found all 7 of them - DEAD! My rabbit mini gave birth - one kit is missing its hind legs My rabbit mini gave birth on New Years Day to only 3 babies.
Mother ate baby Hi, I have a lop eared rabbit, I wasn't sure if she was pregnant, she doesn't like to be held, so I wasn't able to check her. Rabbit breeding questions Hello, I am planning on breeding my doe but I have a lot of questions that are never answered.

Two litters in 2 months what do I do? Last month my rabbit gave birth to 6 babies, sadly one died.
2 rabbits mate when wrongly sexed, and what to do about it I bought what I thought were 2 boy rabbits in August who are 6 months old this November. First time mother??!! I have a yellow dutch rabbit who is due tomorrow, it will be her first litter!! They have the capability of waiting until you're gone and all is quiet before giving birth. One or both of us handle the kits from the day they are born, and our does have never had an issue. They seem fine for what I can see but I haven't handled them yet out of fear she will hurt them. Now if I try to go and check on them she wants to push her way in between me and the babies.
If some of your kits are thin, try supplementing your doe's rations with a source of additional oil, for example, whole oats or black oil sunflower seeds (bird seed).
Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link again if you want to upload up to 3 more images. If not, Karen has answered hundreds of your questions in her book: Rabbit Raising Problem Solver, covering every aspect of pet rabbit and livestock rabbit care as well as rabbit health and disease.

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