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There's a range of normal FSH levels depending on your age and whether you're male or female.
To find out how your levels measure up, there are both FDA-approved, at-home tests and laboratory tests that are performed in your doctor's office (at this time, however, at-home FSH testing isn't available for men).
Abnormal levels of FSH, low or high, may be caused by autoimmune disorders, such as Graves' disease (an overactive thyroid), genetic conditions such as fragile X, or conditions affecting the endocrine system such as polycystic ovarian syndrome. Elevated FSH levels are a good indication that a woman's egg supply is diminishing, or diminished.

What's happening here is that the body is always trying to stimulate eggs, long after a woman's egg supply is spent. LH and FSH work hand-in-hand: LH drives ovulation, while FSH stimulates eggs for ovulation. The at-home version is similar to an at-home pregnancy test -- on a certain day of her monthly cycle (FSH is typically tested on day 3), a woman urinates on a test stick. Laboratory testing is a simple blood test, also on day 3, and is often done in conjunction with testing the levels of other related hormones, specifically LH, to pinpoint if there's a problem with the amount of hormone the body is producing.

High FSH in premenopausal women, however, may be caused by problems such as a pituitary gland disorder or chemotherapy and radiation treatment.
Let's find out what, if anything, can be done to lower FSH levels when they've become too high.

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