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OFertile and infertile days are determined by observing changes in the woman’s body temperature. Procedure: Take your temperature every morning before you get out of bed and before you begin any kind of activity. Prevents pregnancy through abstaining from sexual   intercourse during as woman’s fertile period. Procedure: You are fertile when the mucus at the opening of your vagina resembles raw egg white and can be stretched between 2 fingers. A combination of recording of basal body temperature and observing body changes in the cervical mucus and other changes that may occur before ovulation. Procedure: Breastfeed your baby on demand (at least 8-10 times a day, including at least once each night) on both breasts.
Procedure: Monitor your menstrual cycle for at least 6 months by counting the days in each cycle starting with the first day of your period until the day before your next period starts.

The standard days method (SDM) is a new natural family planning method for woman with menstrual cycles ranging between 26 and 32 days.
Most women using the SDM use a device called Cycle Beads – a string of color-coded beads the help women identify the days of their cycles when they can become pregnant and the days when pregnancy is very unlikely. You can use the thermometer either orally or rectally, but you must choose one site and use this same site every day. The cycle begins with the red beads, which indicate the days when a woman experiences menstrual bleeding. Oral temperature requires five minutes with the mouth closed; rectal temperature requires three minutes. After your fertile time, the mucus is sticky, pasty, and yellowish in color and cannot be stretched between your fingers.
Another contraceptive method must be used when the baby begins to have food or drink other than breast milk.

Women with menstrual cycles ranging between 26 and 32 days can prevent pregnancy by avoiding unprotected sexual intercourse on days 8 through 19.
Kindara is an ovulation and period tracker based on the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM), and can be used to understand your fertility, perimenopause, PCOS and more. For example, if your shortest cycle is 26 days and your longest cycle is 34 days, you should abstain from sexual relations or use other contraceptive method from day 8 (26-18 = 8) through day 23 934-11= 23).
Next are six dark beads, which indicate the days when a woman has a very low likelihood of pregnancy and can, therefore, have unprotected sexual intercourse without becoming pregnant. The white beads, which represent the end of the cycle, indicate the time when the woman has a high responsibility of becoming pregnant if she has unprotected sexual intercourse.

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