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Everyone likes receiving compliments and it makes us feel awesome that our own appearance can provide us with an ego boost. I think schools should scan facebook etc, and find the most grotesque and hideous and gravity defying selfies on the net, and then project them onto a wall at assembly, so every one can have a good laugh at just how bad things can get.The practise needs to be disempowered. The thing is, Christos, why does the moderator still allow the posts to go on, despite their not being actual responses to the original post? Australian children reveal the impact of having a close relative diagnosed with dementia, in a bid to help other children better understand the condition. But what kind of photos produce an epidemic of ''likes?'' Nothing with too much creativity but hip, titty and kiss.
They're showing how much they like themselves and hoping that you'll hit ''like'' to reinforce the claim.This isn't just an interest in vanity but vainglory, being high up on a scale of ''likes'' . Why do we scour through photos of celebrities and all our ambitious friends to find out who is the new princess of prurient poses?
But they must be careful, not because parents are looking but because they might not score any ''likes'' and might then feel a failure, unworthy among their peers.How confident can you appear at being lascivious?

So a lot depends on how much support you can get from other girls.Girls zealously scroll down their Instagram or Facebook feeds. In Instagram, they might cleverly hashtag the most popular tags, such as #me, #selfie, #instacute to get an influx of ''likes'' while they are on the most-recently tagged photos, then delete all the tags as though nothing's happened.They're manipulating their image into popularity. Comments are (very very small pieces of) gold and must never be removed, never mind the mockery of the principles of forum debate. In my mind a comment such as, ''Oh my god, you're so beautiful!'' really means: she has to ''like'' and comment on my photo!
She is such a slut a€¦ I heard she hooked up with heaps of guys and got really drunk at a party and in every photo she poses with her tits out and a push-up bra.''It's tense because it's duplicitous. We're faking it, so that we get to be among the most popular, get to be ''liked'' by the most popular and thereby gain popularity.Seeing some of these images can feel too intimate. The aim is not to communicate joy but to score a position.It's a neurotic impulse, not a happy one. I'm anxious that girls are higher up on the ladder than I am: boys are looking at her, not me.

And then girls post photos to ''out-hot'' the other girls by porn star criteria.Who do we blame for this moral mess?
As feminists, we correctly blame patriarchy because boys are securely at the top of the status game.
Girls try to conform to this ''ideal'' stereotype in their photos and these boys sarcastically comment, ''Nice personality'' - really implying that the cleavage is their only attribute.
The boy who mocks a girl showing her cleavage is in fact the same boy who craves sexual opportunities with her.A common adult reaction to social media is to restrict things, as if that could ever be possible.
The real problem isn't something tangible like sexting or bullying, which adults focus on in patronising and unimaginative ways.
Kids are compelled to act the stereotype, because those who opt out commit themselves to social leprosy.

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