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China's two-child policy brings "advanced paternal age" and its impact on offspring to the fore. Experts advise fathers over 40 to first undergo semen testing before deciding to have a child. Advanced paternal age issue Geneticists Helga Toriello and Jeanne Meck, who co-authored a guideline for genetic counseling for older men, told the Atlantic that the medical community has yet to define "advanced paternal age.""Some studies look at [men] over 40, some over 50, some over 35," Toriello said. Not only does the "advanced maternal age" of the would-be mom make getting pregnant and carrying the child to term tricky but it also poses certain risks to the health and well-being of the child. Lu believes 40 should be the threshold as fathers over this age tend to have sperm quality and stability problems, resulting in a decrease in fertility and a higher risk of having an unhealthy child.Guo told Metropolitan that the sperm of men between the ages of 20 and 29 are the best quality.

In an Atlantic report published in November, it was cited that although some studies have revealed that the father's age could increase the risk of Down syndrome, few people pay attention to it.In late October, China loosened its decades-long family planning policy, allowing all couples to have two children.
According to an article by the Yangcheng Evening Post in October, about 80 percent of the men born in the 1970s surveyed by the newspaper want to have a second child. There will be many older men wanting a second child after the implementation of the two-child policy, " said Guo Jun, director of andrology at the Xiyuan Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in Beijing.Ignored problems in China After the announcement of the two-child policy, Yang Wenzhuang, a deputy director at the National Health and Family Planning Commission, said that there are more than 90 million couples in China who are eligible for a second child, in an interview with the China National Radio. He suggested older men first undergo a test to check the stability of the sperm nucleus and their chromosomes if they want to have a child."The older men can do a sperm DNA fragmentation test to see whether they are in good condition to have a healthy baby," he said.
However, there are no statistics indicating the "advanced paternal age" in men, and it is not yet known how many eligible Chinese men fall into this bracket.Discussion about this issue is still rare in China, and a search on the impact of the father's age on their offspring yields only Western studies.

Liao Zhi, a Chengdu-based obstetrician, told Metropolitan that many women over the age of 40 come to consult her about having a second child."Those older mothers have a strong sense of the necessity of doing tests to guarantee their child's health. Although some men accompany their wives to the hospital, I seldom hear of them also doing tests," Liao said.
According to Liao, women over 35 normally do an amniocentesis examination, a test on the fluid in the womb to check for chromosomal abnormalities and infections in the fetus.

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