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While mummy will play the star of the show, the supporting actor will be equally important. Welcome the new family member by getting things like baby furniture, readying the house, preparing extra meals. About the kind of labor and delivery you want, what to name the child, whether your child should be circumcised. Read on to the next page to find out what you, the dad-to-be should be doing during labour and beyond! Making sure your kids eat healthy while still liking what they eat can sometimes prove challenging. Armed with all the information I could possibly gather, and the scenes of agony fresh in my mind, I walked to the living room, all set to tell my wife that I couldn’t go through with it. Three long hours and a gallon of bodily fluids later, there he was, complete with ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes, the heir to my throne. Sidharth Balachandran is a 30 something proud newbie dad who recently relocated back to India, after 7 years in London.
Thanks ?? Though its been about 18 months into the roller coaster already and it’s showing no signs of slowing down ! Lol my husband endured a 22 hour labor with me in the labor room and sometimes even I admit that his was a tougher job than mine. Four fathers have revealed how they supported their partners - emotionally and practically - throughout pregnancy.
Greg, Tommy, Sheldon and Alex, who are all new dads, drew on their own experiences to share the following five pieces of advice on how to support a woman through pregnancy. Taking on responsibilities your partner might usually do was another point the dads agreed on.
Alex said creating a birth plan with his partner and making preparations for the arrival enabled her to relax a little bit.

He said beginning to build the baby's nursery, as well as planning for the baby's first day home was exciting and comforting for them both. Watch the video above to hear the dads go into more detail about how they helped their partners.
Carey Hart knew how to keep his hands free during a walk along the Malibu, CA, beach with new mama Pink. While planning for the baby and life as a new parent, do make sure that your insurance  covers pregnancy complications, including miscarriage, as well as congenital illnesses for baby and also perhaps helps you get coverage for yourselves to enable building savings.
And, people know who me closely can probably vouch, I experience a troubled reaction on viewing free-flowing blood in any shape or form. I glanced at the sofa, where my wife had dozed off with her back propped up against a maternity pillow. The midwife lightly pinched his bottom and he let out a wail prompting a round of applause around the room. He is a self-confessed techie, will-read-most-things-er, photograph-anything-er, love-to-travel-er and wannabe masterchef-er.
It takes a lot to see your wife in pain and the anxiety of whether the baby will come out all good and the fact that you really can’t do much to help- Respect! So, when my wife mentioned that she wanted me to be present in the delivery room for the birth of our first child, I was surprised that I said a resounding yes. I was ecstatic at that point, and would have probably agreed to buy her a diamond encrusted platinum ring (For the record, the aforementioned ring – ridiculously expensive).
As they wheeled away my wife to the operating room to stitch her up, the doctor on call beckoned me.
And though I had a c-section and my doctor wouldn’t have allowed him inside, the one person I wanted that day was the father of the child! To be quite frank, I would have answered that question exactly the same way, if the missus did ask me about it. I asked recently [my son is 2] because as against what others say, though it was a life changing experience, I really don’t remember the nitty-gritties.

As I felt his stomach tense, in the back of your head you know he’s about to go poo, and then before you know it… he’s doing it. Looking at some of the promising comments that accompanied the video, I decided to give it a go. Here was a person, who in her pre-pregnancy stages, had always stood by me during tough times, and motivated me to get ahead in life. Though academically an engineer and a product manager by profession, he strongly believes that eventually at some point his “creative” side will lead him to his true calling. Being a lousy believer in the bliss of parenthood, your articles make me think otherwise…!! Someday the lil champ will be able to go through all that you wrote in his dedication and he will be overwhelmed for sure for the kind of love that brought him to this world (Tears of JOY!!! To put and end to it, I decided to discuss it at length with a few first-time dads in my office. The least I could do was to stand by her for her toughest physical and emotional stress yet.
Wish you good luck in this new adventure and may your angel grow up to be a maestro in LITERATURE like you!! As I looked at his fluttering eyelids, trying to adjust to the bright overhead lights, I suddenly felt overwhelmed with emotion. I have updated the post with the website link of your site.Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published. I try my best to attribute images, videos, and quotes to their creators and original sources.

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