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Folic acid, sometimes called folate, is a B vitamin (B9) will help your baby’s spine to develop properly. It is important to try and eat more food that contains folic acid and or more foods with added folic acid such as breakfast cereals. Raspberries, Satsuma’s, blackberries, black eyed beans, brown rice, peanuts, hazelnuts and walnuts. Some bread and breakfast cereals also have added folic acid in the ingredients, this is usually displayed on the label. Most healthcare professionals will recommend you take a folic acid supplement every day prior to trying to conceive and continue taking them on a daily basis till around 12 weeks of your pregnancy. We include a 3 month (90 tablets)  supply of Folic acid supplements within our Deluxe insemination  and Deluxe Plus insemination kits. This happens to include keeping our members up-to-date on folic acid awareness and why the vitamin is so vital to fetal development and preventing birth defects. During spina bifida awareness month in October, we brought you all kinds of information surrounding the condition and ways to prevent it, mainly by consuming folate. Studies also show that women need 400 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid every day and should start taking it at least one month before becoming pregnant and during pregnancy as well. Another method is to eat a bowl of breakfast cereal that has 100 percent of the daily value of folic acid every day.

Folic acid-rich foods are one of the must-have foods that a pregnant woman must include in her diet.The role of folic acid during pregnancy is quite prominent. Before women even know that they are pregnant, the baby’s brain, heart and spine have already begun to form. If it does not develop properly, babies are born with what is known as a “neural tube defect” (a birth defect involving incomplete development of the brain and spinal cord) such as spina bifida (split spine).
Studies have shown that women who get 400 micrograms (0.4 milligrams) daily prior to conception and during early pregnancy reduce the risk that their baby will be born with a serious neural tube defect by up to 70%. It is important that you do not overcook these vegetables as this can destroy the folic acid content. Research shows that if a woman has enough folic acid in her body before and during her pregnancy, it can help prevent major birth defects of the brain and spine. Public Health Service recommends that women regardless of whether planning to get pregnant or not, should take folic acid to help her body create new cells daily. One of the most important things you can do to help prevent serious birth defects in your baby is to get enough folic acid every day — especially before conception and during early pregnancy. Some children born with spina bifida may eventually be unable to walk or take care of themselves.
You can easily purchase these tablets from most chemists, health food shops and some supermarkets.

All women between the ages of 15 and 45 should consume folic acid every day due to the fact that half of U.S.
Both vitamin C and folic acid play an important role in maintaining a healthy pregnancy.There are numerous benefits of eating folic acid-rich foods during pregnancy.
It can be considered as the building block of cells.Likewise, there are several benefits of including folic acid-based foods in the daily diet during pregnancy.
Therefore, in this article, we at Boldsky will be listing out some of the benefits of folic acid consumption during pregnancy.
Wisniewski has over 15 years experience as a labor and delivery nurse, having also worked previously as a nurse midwife in the Philippines and India. She enjoys empowering women and providing family centered care to women from all cultural and educational backgrounds.

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