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Folic acid is synthetic variant of naturally occurring B-vitamin folate.  Also known as vitamin B9, this water soluble micro nutrient plays a vital role in many bodily functions like tissue and cell growth, formation of red blood cells and DNA synthesis. Here Are The 8 Foods Rich In Folic Acid Peanuts Packed with many essential nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, magnesium, anti-oxidants and some healthy fats, this humble nut belonging to the family of legumes is rich in folate. Black Eyed Beans Other than being a significant source of proteins, beans are an excellent source of folates. Green Lentils Lentils have remained an essential part of the human diet since neolithic times, thanks to their wholesome and nourishing properties.
Spinach This not-so-pleasant tasting leafy vegetable is loaded with folates and other vital nutrients.
Mangoes Munching on this juicy tropical stone fruit is a good way to boost folic acid in your body. Pomegranate A pomegranate a day will definitely keep most illnesses at bay as it’s packed with antioxidants, iron and folate.

Oranges Rich in vitamin C and folate, daily serving of one orange makes up 18% of the needed value.
There is a big debate about this term Superfoods between Doctors, Scientists and Dieticians.
INGREDIENTI: acido folico, vitamina B12, Cellulosa, acido stearico (fonte vegetale) e magnesio stearato (di origine vegetale). IMPORTANTE: In caso di uso prolungato (oltre 6-8 settimane) e necessario il parere del medico.
Attenersi a quanto riportato nell’etichetta in italiano apposta sul barattolo e non superare la dose consigliata. It also curtails the occurrence of fetal abnormalities if taken in sufficient quantities before and during the conception period. A handful of peanuts a day makes up about 10% of the daily recommended requirement of folate.

Nearly 27%of the daily need of folate can be had by including one pomegranate in one’s daily diet.
The C-vitamin in oranges also accelerates iron absorption in the body and keeps the hemoglobin levels in a healthy range. Il prodotto e controindicato nei casi di patologia renale, epatica, in gravidanza, allattamento e al di sotto dei 12 anni. Since, human body is unable to naturally synthesize folic acid, it becomes essential to get it from food sources. Nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables are natural sources of folate.

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