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But it does tend to give a false impression that getting pregnant is easy and free when a woman is in her forties, when the reality is that it's very hard to get pregnant at this age.
And most women over the age of 45 who have a first child are using IVF, a very expensive and sometimes highly emotionally charged way to bring a child into the world. According to a Reuters article about a study in older motherhood, 131 first-time pregnant women ages 45 to 65 from Israel showed that 40 percent developed diabetes due to their pregnancies and 2 out of 10 developed pre-eclampsia, a dangerous pregnancy condition. Most babies were born by C-section -- something that is major surgery for the mother and makes recovery harder.
For women in the study who were 50 and older, one out of every three babies were under five and a half pounds, and half of these babies were born prematurely.
EmpowHER Founder & Chairman Michelle King Robson shares her own personal health story and explains why women need to advocate for their own health and wellness! This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information: verify here. This Over 45: The Risks of Being an Older Woman Pregnant for the First Time page on EmpowHER Women's Health works best with javascript enabled in your browser. Now Halle Berry at 46 (47 at the time of birth) is also making the news as an older mom-to-be. One out of three babies were born either premature or underweight, or both, to mothers 45 to 49. Many of our writers are speaking from personal experience, and what's worked for them may not work for you. They have fabulous careers all the way to forty without the challenges (or career-killers) that having children can sometimes cause in an industry that celebrates 24-hour availability of celebrities. Their articles are not a substitute for medical advice, although we hope you can gain knowledge from their insight. Forget #1 and do everything possible to not be in your third trimester in the middle of summer. Ask your husband’s employer if he can take an extra week of paternity leave if you end up having an unplanned c-section.6. You have no idea about your capacity to burp and fart until you’re into your second trimester. Don’t feel guilty if the gender of the baby on the ultra sound isn’t what you were expecting (or hoping for). Or better yet, buy nursing tank tops (You will live in them during those first few postpartum months, whether you are layering over them or not.)11. It really is reasonable (and loving!) to let the lady with small children move to the front of the line. Read differing parenting philosophy books and then decide for yourself what’s best for you and your family. Don’t be alarmed when you have to walk around with a towel between your legs for the rest of the day. Watching So You Think You Can Dance between contractions provides good distraction, but don’t get mad when they forget to pause it during contractions.25. Remember that sometimes your midwife needs encouragement too, especially when things go wrong.27. You are going to feel so overwhelmed with love – don’t try to harness it, just soak in it.32.

Just snuggle, snuggle, snuggle and let him sleep on your chest as much as your little heart desires. Yes, the world really does want to see a bajillion photos of your baby on facebook – load ‘em up.
Tell hubs to stock up on Draino because at around four months post-partum you will begin to shed ungodly amounts of hair.35. Your c-section scar will still be numb six months after the surgery, and it will sometimes still feel itchy.
Breastfeeding will come easily and natural to you, so you have nothing to be nervous about, and just ignore all those horror stories. Go ahead and read a few stories (without obsessing) and prepare for both the best and worst.
Breastfeeding will sometimes feel like a competition with some inanimate object while you vie for your baby’s focus and attention.40.
When traveling on an airplane, don’t only pack a spare set of clothes for your baby – pack a spare shirt for yourself too. Just because your baby sleeps through the night consistently at a few weeks old doesn’t mean they will continue as he gets older and hungrier.
Take advantage of kind security guards and airline officials.  No shame here, ladies, no shame. Don’t wait months and months to introduce the bottle – you underestimate just how much you baby really does love your boobs.57. There will be some diaper blowouts that are not worth trying to clean up outside of the bathtub. It’s okay to pull your baby into bed with you sometimes when you’re just too tired to get up yet.
I promise you co-sleeping is not the evil that will turn them into disobedient, overly dependent narcissists. Sometimes they are trying to communicate something, but often they are releasing their big emotions and pent up baby angst. Just do your best and remember that sometimes even you specifically choose movies based on the fact that you need a good cry, too.61. When introducing solids to your baby, strip him down to a diaper and bib, roll up your sleeves, put on goggles, and make sure an assistant is standing by (with a camera, of course).62. Never judge a parent that is bribing their baby with food… there will be times when you end up doing it too.64.
Although you already thought you were a responsible driver, you will start to drive even slower and even more cautiously.
You will be tempted to spend more time making sure your baby looks cute than making sure you do.
Your baby will sleep through the night sometimes… and when he does you will have insomnia.70. Even though you think you won’t be one of “those” parents who wants to buy their kid everything, you will come home with a big ridiculous Baby Einstein exersaucer.
During those first few months, be prepared to go through baby’s clothes every 3-4 weeks and pack up the too-small ones and pull out the bigger ones.
Even though it feels like a lot of work to think ahead and make double portions, it’s worth the effort to have homemade meals to pull out of the freezer instead of frozen pizzas on those nights.

Write milestones down on a calendar if you’re not into doing a baby book – it’s a lot easier than scrolling back through all your facebook status updates to remember when baby learned new tricks.74.
Make sure to regularly go through your photo files and delete 30% of the millions of photos you’re taking of sweet baby. Being a stay-at-home-mom is the only job in the world that doesn’t come with coffee breaks, lunch breaks, weekends, holidays, or sick days. When your baby is going through a growth spurt, cut your to-list down to 25% and give yourself lots of grace when it comes to house work and errands.80.
You think hearing your baby say “mama” for the first time will melt your heart… It will, but know that it’s even more than that. If you’re having one of those days where you feel discouraged because you’re getting nothing done, take 20 minutes to play with your baby without multi-tasking.
Your bookmarks bar will become overrun with parenting websites and forums… but save your other links too.
Then you will only be five minutes late to wherever you’re going (instead of ten) after you’ve changed the pooey diaper that inevitably happens when you’re walking out the door.89. Doing a load of laundry, folding it, and putting it away all within the same day will make you feel like wondermom.
You’re entering into one of the biggest changes of your life (maybe the biggest) and it helps to have others going through it along with you. You’ll grow out of it as you get used to this gig, so just have fun making fun of yourself in the meantime.
You might also find yourself swaying the childless shopping cart back and forth as you read labels or scan the shelves looking for an item during the rare kid-free grocery run. Not only will it provide endless entertainment for your first few days of having it, but it will save you from playing the guessing game about naptimes.98. Starting your day with simple things like making the bed, having a shower, and eating breakfast will make the entire rest of your day better. Don’t get defensive when friends without children (especially single friends) ask you what you do all day at home. She writes about motherhood and parenting, miscarriage and loss, faith and spirituality, social justice, women's issues, tiny house living, creativity, homeschooling, and making the most of our everyday lives.
Their life certainly isn't boring and they're exceedingly grateful for it all, even though sawdust and paint seem to be recurring themes. Then the picture of you with some sort of baby fluid running down your leg made me love you again.
I will totally link this post to all of my expecting friends, they will love it and find it so awesome and informative. Makes me want to have a baby all over again Reply Jill 30 July 2010 at 2:07 amYou said it girl.
I wish I would've got a pic of that because it really is unbelievable disgusting every single time it happens!!
And I must say the one that I went, "Oh wow I totally agree" was the one about using the TV to your advantage when clipping their fingernails!

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