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Any kind of infection or health problem during the course of pregnancy can have a negative impact on the baby and this also includes typhoid during pregnancy. As typhoid during pregnancy progresses to the second week your abdomen will swell more than what is normal. In case any of these symptoms are evident during pregnancy, it is essential to undergo a typhoid test at the earliest.
Under normal circumstances, patients are required to take an injection to treat this infection.
The condition becomes even worse if one contracts fever during the first trimester, as the illness can adversely affect the development of the fetus. It is seen that the condition of fever can deplete the fluid levels in your body, thereby leading to dehydration.  Dehydration affects the health of the mother and the fetus in an adverse manner. To prevent such unwanted occurrences, it is advised that you drink plenty of fluids and stay completely hydrated.  To make up for the fluid loss due to fever, a pregnant woman can have plenty of fruit juices, ginger ale and boiled water. If you contract fever during pregnancy, then you should follow some methods that will allow you to bring down your body temperature.
In order to cool yourself down, you can also wear light clothing and keep your surroundings cool by using a fan or an air conditioner.
Taking proper rest is very much required in order to bring about a quick recovery from fever during pregnancy.  Ideally, a pregnant woman should have at least 8 hours of sleep, which will help her in the process of recuperation.
Monitoring your body temperature is very much required in order to prevent the condition of fever from flaring up. The doctor will carry out certain routine physical examinations and blood tests to check for infections and to determine the severity of the condition . Coping with hayfever at any time is bad enough; but it’s all the more difficult when you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, and perhaps experiencing an increased sensitivity to allergens as a result. All the ingredients in our balms are specially selected to be suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women who are looking for much needed relief during the hayfever season, and they are proving to be very popular.
From time to time, we send product samples and leaflets to a random selection of antenatal professionals, to ask for their valuable opinions.
HayMax™ organic barrier balms help keep airborne allergens at bay, and we have plenty of unsolicited testimonials from pregnant and breastfeeding women to support this (click here to read some). Oranges, grapefruits, red apples, watermelon, orange and yellow pepper all contain beta carotene, which is high in vitamin C and flavanoids, they are said to be good for preparing your body and fighting off hayfever symptoms.

Processed foods – avoid pre-packaged foods as much as possible, especially foods containing additives including e numbers.
In most instances, patients suffering from typhoid lose their appetite and need to be put on a liquid diet. The signs of typhoid fever during pregnancy are no different as compared to the regular symptoms. Testing for typhoid before the fifth day of infection will not give you an accurate diagnosis. While the fever does not get transmitted from the mother to the baby through breast milk, the antibiotics being taken by the mother could have an adverse effect on the baby in some cases. The fetus may develop birth defects and there will also be an increased chance of miscarriage.
Described below are some methods that will enable you to deal with the condition of fever during pregnancy in an effective manner. Not only that, dehydration can also induce untimely uterine contractions, thereby leading to premature labor. Having hot chicken broth is another effective way to combat dehydration and fever during pregnancy.
One such method that can be practiced by a pregnant woman is the usage of a cold compress.  For this purpose, you can dip a washcloth in cold water and then place it over your forehead and wrists.
If your temperature reading is below 101 degree Fahrenheit, then you do not have much to worry about. Following this, the pregnant woman will be prescribed with medications like acetaminophen that are safe to use during pregnancy. You want something that will give you effective relief from the symptoms, but you don’t want to use anything that might harm your baby. We even go as far as making sure that the aloe vera leaf juice powder is only made from the juicy centre of the leaf, to avoid the potential irritants which are found in the tough outer skin. She was told very firmly that the most important thing was that she had a stress free pregnancy, so taking the occasional painkiller, for example, to relieve a headache, would do no harm. If you are pregnant, breast feeding, or an antenatal professional we would love to help answer your questions. If you would like to share your own pregnancy hayfever experiences, funny stories, tips or tricks that might be useful to other ladies, please get in touch , click here to contact us.

As a result of this, suffering from typhoid during pregnancy, can deprive you and your baby of essential nutrients, which in turn has an adverse effect on the growth and development of your baby. Studies show that pregnant women usually respond well to ceftriaxone or amoxicillin injections. Therefore, in case you are suffering from typhoid, it is better to inquire with your doctor about breastfeeding.
However, if your temperature reading is higher, then you should make a visit to your doctor without any further delay.
However, see to it that you do not take medications without consulting your doctor, as it may lead to undesirable side effects. However, on the question of antihistamines, the only advice was that there was no evidence to suggest that the antihistamines available were safe or unsafe.
If you are trying to avoid drugs during your pregnancy or whilst you are breastfeeding, our organic pollen blocker balms offer a drug-free option for battling with pollen and other airborne allergens.
Drug-free options for managing hayfever are particularly valued, because many women feel that their sensitivity to allergens increases during and after pregnancy.
If you would like leaflets or a training sheet, just let us know using the contact details at the bottom of the page. These are not pregnancy specific suggestions, and we recommend that you follow your health professional’s advice on diet during pregnancy. We have had loads of great feedback from these, so a big thank you to all of the journalists and editors who understand what HayMax™ is about, and have given us such fabulous exposure.
Certain vaccines like Ciproflaxin should be strictly avoided by pregnant women in the first two trimesters; however, some doctors may recommend it for treating typhoid during third trimester of pregnancy.
Since hormonal changes make nasal congestion more common during pregnancy, this is hardly surprising. In addition to these vaccines, doctors also usually prescribe certain medicines to treat the infection.

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