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39%Acid Reflux39% of women experience acid reflux as a symptom during week 28 of pregnancy. The Brain is very active and regularly shows signs of rapid eye movement (REM) during sleep which means your baby is dreaming. The Lungs are continuing to evolve and have established a cyclical pattern which helps to speed up development.
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Together with your partner discuss the changes that you have experienced or noticed during the past few weeks as you entered your 3rd trimester.

Your baby is beginning to have regular sleep-wake cycles and its breathing, yawning, and swallowing are taking on a more distinct regularity.
During the third trimester you baby is quickly growing and it may feel as if your body is struggling to keep up. Return to the discussion board and complete the assignment by posting to the week 1 discussion board. As your belly expands it important to keep your skin moisturized to reduce the itchy, stretching feeling. Take-note of the sleep-wake cycle that your baby has developed as it will be very similar to the one they have after birth.

Cocoanut oil is a cheap, natural alternative to all of the fancy pregnancy oils and lotions on the market.
Not only will drinking water help your body replenish the amniotic fluid daily, but it will help keep your skin hydrated from the inside out.

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