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I have Nraas MC and stuff but I certainly didn't set them to have quads or multiple births whatever, just both had fertility treatment wishes etc, I'm absolutley amazed! They obviously wanted bachelor and bachelorette parties, which they ended up getting and having fun with.
After the raging parties, dancers, and gathering the two finally married in the "privacy" of their backyard on a nice Spring day. But while Joshua still had the wish space, I sent him to Shang Simla for one last time to master his martial arts skill! I might be entering the testing phase for my world soon.but i do need help picking a name for the world as well.
Also to save it for future use use the WA chests then you can always have it in any game.This is how you can easily make any custom painting.

I`ve gottin up to 4 babies once it was girl girl girl boy and they were so cute but the boy had gottin sick because of the food. The newest twins born and just aged in my brand new legacy are the Walker Twins: Crimson & Ruby! So cute I also have a set of triplets but no photos, for some reason the photos I take ingame aren't saved, besides they are in a boarding school right now. Now I REALLY should have considered only Joshua having the incredibly potent fertility treatment LTW. I'm not usually matchy-matchy when I design my Sims homes, except in the nursery (occasionally kids rooms) most of the time. They also just had baby twin sisters, Bianca and Capprice, but I don't have pics of them yet.

But whats really really interesting about them is that Ruby (The brunette) has his fathers eyes and face structure with his mother's brunette hair. When I went back home to Seattle to help my mom for those three months, it really took a toll on me mentally and I had to shut down. While Crimson (the blonde) has his mother's eyes and face structure with his father's golden blond hair.

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