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This year the Australian Coeliac Awareness Week, awareness of the need to maintain a gluten free diet to manage the disease, co-incides with the lead up to Easter. Here is a great recipe for making gluten free hot cross buns, you don’t need to miss out if you are gluten intolerant.
Stir until smooth and then fill a piping bag and pipe a cross onto each bun when they are risen and ready for the oven. When cooked glaze the cooked gluten free hot cross buns with a syrup made from equal amounts of water and castor sugar. There is no reason for not enjoying tasty Easter treats just because you need to maintain a gluten free diet. Many alternative health professionals assert that we can influence the ph balance in our bodies (acidic vs. After my first child was born, I discovered The Body Ecology Diet and became convinced that I was on my way to an early grave unless I could shift my body’s pH balance by eating mostly alkalizing foods.
Folks who think they are monitoring their body’s pH balance will often perform urine tests. As with any sensible, nutrient-dense diet, an “alkaline” diet discourages eating processed foods and refined sugars.
But, contrary to the recommendations of the alkaline diet, protein and animal fat will not turn your body into a toxic vat of acid.
The moral of the story is not to go out and eat a big mac and fries washed down with a super-sized coke. I did BED two years ago myself and there was nothing in the book about testing for pH levels. What I found most interesting about the book is that I felt she did try to cater hard to vegetarians while also staying close to WAPF principles. You have stated here that there is no proof of food affecting the alkalinity of a person’s body. Then why did I have to spend so long in nursing school learning about ABGs and respiratory or metabolic acidosis or alkalosis. Those things you learned in school were about the pH of the *blood*, which is indeed tightly controlled under normal circumstances.
If I have GIRD, won’t drinking coffe (or wine or soda, for that matter) make it worse because I am drinking something acidic? I feel good (in certain ways) from eating meat, and then I feel bad (in certain ways) from eating meat. Emily I am wondering what you are basing your opinions on, where are you getting your sources from stating it makes no difference?

Every body is different, every body probably requires different types of food based on their own genetics and history.
In 1995, Young himself was charged with two third-degree felony counts of practicing medicine without a license, but pled guilty to a reduced misdemeanor charge. My understanding is that body acidity is not necessarily the cause of disease in and of itself at least in the sense of it directly having an effect on your blood acidity directly, but rather the acidity is an indicator or result of disease which can, of course, be impacted by diet and nutrition. I can only speak for myself, but for me hit has work to be in the watch to keep a balanced PH, alkaline..
If your bread-maker doesn’t have this setting just set it to basic dough, add the raisins 15 minutes before the kneading is finished and take out the dough when the kneeding stops. Perhaps (like me) you’ve even tried out this way of eating in search of better health? While eating more cultured foods and less processed foods certainly helped to turn my health around, I feel it’s only fair to shed some light upon the alkaline diet myth. For example, our stomachs must be acidic in order to digest food, with pH ranging from 1.35-5. While foods may impact the pH of urine (output of waste), they won’t affect the pH of blood or other vital body parts unless you are very, very ill. Do that enough, and it will kill you regardless of your body’s ability to maintain pH balance. The articles from her web site are more aligned toward real food, praising grass-fed meats, liver, and broth more than I saw in the book. As there has been much study done on when a person is just juicing and what happens to the body, through blood … very interested in hearing where you are receiving your info from? The implications of this is that it is not necessary to be overly concerned with acidity or alkalinity of foods as much as a varied, high quality, nutrient packed diet.
I believe that there is sound science behind the idea that eating fewer foods that need acid to digest them and eating more foods that require an alkaline digestive juice to digest them is a sound course to follow for good health. That all sounds perfectly fine, and for folks in need of a more cleansing diet due to disease or obesity – a lean toward greens and other veggies may a smart move. But by all means, enjoy a grass fed burger or steak, and top it with cheese from pasture-raised cows and bacon from properly raised pigs. This is just one of the many topics we cover  as we teach you how to nourish your mind, body and spirit to optimize your fertility … Coming soon! I wish you had been around during school to tell my teachers so I wouldn’t of had to spend all that time studying! I think, personally, my biggest issue is overeating meat in a sitting and it causes an acidic reaction in my body.

After eating alkaline for many years I would get terribly ill if I had to eat anything out of my diet restrictions. Heard a little about it and it was very interesting; also seemed to match the people I know. In the book, they were against Nything with vinager in it, so they made a salad dressing using oil and fruit juice.
A woman’s vagina is generally acidic, but becomes more alkaline around ovulation, making it more hospitable to sperm.
Robert Young, you might want to get all the facts before stating something that is just not true. I can not speak for Dr Robert Young but I can for ones that I personally have studied with along with others that are famous in the herbal world…. I think her point was that there isn’t one overall pH of our body, but rather that different parts of our body have different pH. Speaking from my own experience- I became healthy when I rebelled as a teenager and began eating small amounts of meat and dairy. I feel like it is extremely important for my gut health to keep my body strong and able to digest whatever I might be stuck eating- especially while traveling. I really need to look more into it (and really have been meaning to) but thought it was relevant to the topic. I know from my own experience that eating the wrong combination of foods and eating foods that either stay acid or require acid to digest them, are detrimental to my health causing my blood acid to rise to alarming levels. As I know about the many health benifits that apple cider vinager has, I decided to not bother with the book.
Thank you I do enjoy your posts and have learnt much from you… just wanted to share with you there is scientific evidence of the opposite of what you are stating above. You may be interested by it or already know that- just thought I’d throw it out there! When ever I eat foods that remain acid in the body, like vinegar, or require acid to be digested, Osteoarthritis flares up in my body.
I know many healthy people who eat butter and drink raw milk BUT those are grass fed cows.. There is no scientific doubt that people who eat a mostly vegetarian diet are healthier than those who eat a mainly acid (meat, sweets, fats and grains) producing diet.

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