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Whether planning to conceive naturally or by artificial means, it is important to know when you are fertile. A woman’s ovulation calendar changes every time, which can be a struggle to some especially when you are trying to have a baby, or for others, avoiding getting pregnant. First, chart the length of your menstrual cycle, starting with the first day of your menstrual period as Day 1 and doing so continually until your next period starts again, after which you start counting for a new menstrual cycle. If the first day of your current menstrual period is May 4, add 9 days (including the first day), and this will give you the approximate first fertile day in your ovulation calendar (May 4 + 9 = May 12 is the first fertile day).
Whether conceiving or avoiding pregnancy, look out between these fertile dates to either have intercourse or avoid doing so.

Angela Vera is a corporate junkie on the outside; a gypsy with an insatiable lust for travel, music lover, bibliophile and true island girl at heart on the inside. It is advisable to be aware of your own ovulation calendar by knowing and tracking your menstrual cycle from day one.
The calendar method is one way of knowing when your most fertile days are – if you would like to conceive – or as a natural birth control to know when you should be having intercourse without the risk of getting pregnant.
For this method to be reliable, you need at least three to four menstrual cycles to be able to predict when you are most fertile in your ovulation calendar. Know the duration of your cycles, and take note of the shortest and longest cycles.
She is now learning the ropes of her new lifelong occupation as mother to a beautiful baby girl.

From May 4, add 19 days (including the first day) to give you the approximate last fertile day (May 4 + 19 = May 22 is the last fertile day).

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