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You have two and a half inches or more of residual tube with a normal fimbriated end to the tube. You have an adequate numbers of eggs in your ovaries [determined by a simple blood test for FSH (follicle stimulating hormone)]. During IVF, sperm can be surgically removed from your partner and used to fertilize your eggs. Are we good candidates for vasectomy reversal?Vasectomy reversal may allow your partner to produce sperm again and have children.
Your partner will be fertile for many years; with IVF he will only be able to conceive during that particular IVF cycle. IVF can sometimes increase the chances of having a pregnancy with multiples, which may increase complications during pregnancy.
The morning of the embryo transfer they asked me if I would like to visit with the nurse who does meditations after my procedure. Dr Goldstein and his amazing staff helped us have a family after losing our son and learning we wouldn't be able to have more children on our own. Dr Goldstein and all the staff at Fertility Specialist of Texas, were so extremely helpful in the entire IVF process.

Your doctor may determine this by using hysterosalpingography to x-ray your uterus and tubes.
Sometimes a surgeon is unable to reconnect the vas deferens or normal sperm activity does not resume.
I had tried a different provider in this office a year earlier, but didn't pursue treatment. Chilvers after deciding our previous fertility doctor wasn’t looking out for our best interest.
Goldstein and his staff did an exceptional job of taking care of me through the fertility process. Goldstein helped us get pregnant twice and we're just to thankful to have found his practice!
When we went in for our scan a couple of weeks later it was a shock to my husband that we were expecting TWINS!
After two years with another doctor I came across fertility specialist of texas and I couldn't be happier with them.
Talk with your partner’s urologist to find out more about vasectomy reversal and pregnancy.

Chilvers was well prepared with our case and gave us facts and figures that we just couldn’t dispute. They are awesome kind loving people and I am sad to be done with them but happy to finally be pregnant. We now have a happy & healthy 2month old baby girl, and we can not express our thanks enough.. There were a few hurdles we had to overcome before we did retrieval but the staff was in constant contact with me on her progress and we were able to do our retrieval on schedule.
I love her dearly for giving me the opportunity to have these two amazing babies that complete our family.

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