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SOUTH FLORIDA FERTILITY CLINIC provides top of the line medical care assistance from low cost fertility treatments to high cost and complex fertility solutions across the fourteen cities in South Florida.
Our team has almost 75 years of combined experience in treating patients with reproductive related problems.
San Diego Fertility Clinic Is Patient-Friendly With An Experienced & Professional Staff. We see many patients referred by physician colleagues at Scripps Clinic and Scripps Health.
It is the wish of every parent to have children of their one, but in some cases that is not that easy to accomplish. The SOUTH FLORIDA FERTILITY CLINIC has been helping many couples and individuals solved their fertility problems since 1990. Our specialists panel consist of physicians who are fellowship trained and obtain certification in reproductive endocrinology and infertility.
Rakoff is a second-generation fertility specialist with over 30 years of experience as a leader in the field of infertility.

We also serve patients from other areas in San Diego, Southern California and around the world. Both of these conditions can be a reason for you to seek out information on what fertility treatment options are available to you. If nature does not kick in and allow you to conceive on your own, then it is time to look for professional help. The team of fertility experts received the latest trainings and specializations in treating different kinds of fertility problems among men and women.
Our vocation is to live by the oath in protecting and helping patients identify, treat and overcome the challenges to becoming pregnant.
Jeff Rakoff was one of Southern California’s first fertility specialists and was responsible for San Diego’s first IVF baby as well as its first set of IVF twins!
We provide comprehensive fertility testing and a full range of fertility treatments, the most common being IVF (in vitro fertilization) treatment. Our guaranteed skill and training make our practice become the topnotch hedge against infertility in South Florida.

He began his career in infertility at the Scripps Clinic but moved to the San Diego Fertility Clinic in 2009 where he continues providing his patients with quality fertility services & more successful pregnancy rates than ever before. Contact us today for a confidential consultation and take the first step, there’s no risk and it’s free! We are aware of the possible need for emotional support that may occur during this process. With that being said, their experience and knowledge has led SOUTH FLORIDA FERTILITY CLINIC to being the top fertility treatment center in Florida.
Referrals for counseling (San Diego Counseling) and for acupuncture (Reproductive Wellness) are readily available to interested patients.

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