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According to tradition, the chinese pregnancy calendar can predict the sex of a baby based on the lunar phases.
The chinese pregnancy chart uses two pieces of information to predict the sex of a baby: the age of the mother at the time of conception as well as the lunar month in which the child was conceived. A man is always potentially fertile, whereas a woman‘s fertility recurs on a cyclical basis. Cycles vary in length from 23 days or less in a short cycle, to over 35 days in a long cycle. Highly-fertile mucus is 98% water - Transparent, glistening, slippery, stretchy - spinnbarkeit effect. The structure of fertile mucus using nuclear magnetic resonance shows a loose network aiding sperm penetration.

Following peak day there is a rapid return to dryness or moistness until the next menstruation.
Breast symptoms - A characteristic tenderness or tingling sensation may be experienced around ovulation. These are the least reliable indicators but may be useful for some women to confirm other observations. It is beyond the scope of this web site to give in-depth details on recording and interpreting fertility charts. Ovulation calculator - ovulation calendar - ovulation predicto, Ovulation calculator - use the bump's ovulation calculator to generate your ovulation calendar and determine the best time to get pregnant. Ovulation fertility planner calculator calendar - , Ovulation fertility planner calculator calendar - chances pregnant increase knowing dates ovulate pregnancy baby information fertility.

Ovulation calendar – conceiving boy, Ovulation calendar program calculates time ovulation generates personal fertility calendar.. Ovulation calculator conceive boy - wikinut., Ovulation calculator conceive boy naturally. Using these two details, the chinese pregnancy calendar tries to determine whether you?re going to have a little boy or girl.

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