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I can’t express how hurt and betrayed I feel by these doctors who were “advocates of women’s health”.  They did nothing to promote my gynecological health. Soon after I discovered that I rarely ovulated.  Over ten years of gynecological visits, the doctors had never bothered to check. Praise be to God for those Fertility Awareness doctors and especially the Creighton Model System that helped me achieve a pregnancy after four years of trying.  I  am now am blessed with two children. I am living proof that the Creighton Model System can not only save your life but aid in the co-creation of life.  It is a secret that should not be kept.   Consider Creighton, it will change your life!

Thank you to Felicia for sharing her testimony of the benefits that charting your fertility can have with treating infertility!
We recently finished Infertility Awareness Week and this week we are going to be celebrating Mother’s Day.
They passed me off, gave me pills and told me I was just infertile and likely atypical, polycystic.
Unfortunately,  we moved to an area  where there were no doctors who promoted Fertility Awareness.  So painfully my husband and I suffered for 5 years until we had our first child.

A laparoscopy later found that the cyst had taken over my entire right ovary and part of my fallopian tube.   Both were removed and this surgery saved my life from a likely ovarian rupture and hemorrhage. A micro-drilling on the outside membrane of my remaining ovary would promote the release of an egg and allow for the chance  to become pregnant.

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