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I’ve been sitting on the exercise ball a ton, avoiding our cushy couches (not ideal for engagement), and doing squats and walking. I am sure that he is dropped some because this week my bladder is finally seeing the effects much more pressure. I also found out I’m group B strep positive, which is just a common bacteria that some women have in their bodies. I am also group B strep positive so have to do the antibiotics via IV – not looking forward to that! I was positive for GBstrep as well, you can still move around, but while they are administering the meds, you just have to take your IV stand, with you. I got to the hospital too late for IV antibiotics, so the nursing staff just watched baby carefully (took extra temp readings) during the first 24 hours. The mind-body connection is huge in everything with life, I believe, and especially with birth! Now that he’s no longer considered premature, I’m rooting for an August 18 due date! I’ve been following you on this blog but never posted before… first you look great!
We’re thinking about our 3rd (hoping for a girl after 2 boys) and this post makes me want to start trying RIGHT NOW!
The main focus of nutrition during pregnancy is to get the nutrients you and your unborn baby need. In addition, there are some nutritional basics that can serve as guidelines as you eat nutritiously for two (or more!).
Whether or not you’re pregnant, a healthy diet includes proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and plenty of water.
Although protein should supply most of these extra calories, your diet needs to be well balanced and should include fresh fruits, grains, and vegetables.
Drink extra fluids throughout pregnancy to help your body keep up with the increases in your blood volume. Following your cravings is fine, as long as you crave foods that contribute to a healthy diet. Dana Dobbie is a Sydney mother of two remarkably cute children, who shares Dettol’s mission of raising a happy, healthy family, with a zest for life and love. Letter from the EditorFebruary, with school just started, is a good time to work some new healthy habits into your weekly routine. Even though normal gestation is 40 weeks (or longer), babies born after 37 weeks are not considered premature. They aren’t quite sure what starts labor, but my personal [totally uneducated, aside from reading on birth] opinion is that BOTH mom and baby have to be ready. When we went hiking on Sunday, I was in such discomfort when we were on mile 4 and over an hour into our hike – I don’t think I can go more than 45 minutes without a visit to the bathroom these days!

The bad news is that it means antibiotics by IV during delivery, which is not something I wanted to have to deal with at ALL.
Hey, if the little guy needs it for his protection, what better reason do you have to do it than that? I was so excited that meant I would have her a little early…I was that dilated for over a month! I had Strep B (and I guess that means I’ll probably have it again with #2?), and the extra meds were really no big deal. I would prefer not to go past my due date though, but just because that enters induction territory.
I just knew I was going to have to show up to work on my due date and have everyone comment about it.
As someone else said, they just administer the meds every few hours into your IV lock and you roll the IV stand around with you until the meds are done.
I had slept terrible throughout the third trimester, and all of a sudden in that final month would pass out at 8 or 9 and not even wake up to flip hips or pee (a frequent issue in that third trimester).
I went to bed at 7:30, hardly able to keep my eyes open, and stayed in a heavy sleep until almost 8 the next morning.
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Consult with your healthcare professional (HCP) to develop the plan and approach that works best for your needs during pregnancy. The Australian Dietary Guidelines can help you determine how many servings of each kind of food to eat every day. Generally, you need to consume about 300 calories more per day than you did before you became pregnant to meet the needs of your growing baby. If you do, your unborn baby might not get the right amounts of protein, vitamins, and minerals. However, if you already follow a vegetarian diet, you can continue to do so during your pregnancy.
To ensure that you and your baby receive adequate nutrition, consider consulting a registered dietitian for help with planning meals. But although I know there is a chance he could come any day now, these twinges, cramps and what I can only describe as “cervical awareness” are likely just my body getting ready. In that sense, I think if a mom has fears about childbirth or just needs a few more days to mentally prepare, it might delay labor a bit.
And not to be too specific, but when it feels like I have a gallon in there, it’s not much at all. Maybe I’m just more experienced with the pillows now : ) I have a standard head pillow on one side and a little pillow I wedge into my back on the other. But it’s a serious health risk in the worst case scenario of passing it on to the baby, so also not something I’d refuse.

I was a premature baby (1 month early), my Mom had no idea what was going on haha but I was fully developed ?? She always says it was the salsa she had the day before haha and it’s no wonder I like Mexican food ?? Can’t wait to see your little guy!
I think what really did it for me was the old wives tale of a little *ahem wink wink nudge nudge*….3 hours later, I was in labor!!
The dosing is only once every 6-8 hours depending on the antibiotics (taking any allergies you have in to account) and it only takes about 20-30 minutes to run it.
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Overall, eating a variety of foods in the proportions indicated is a good step toward staying healthy.
For example, when I woke up on Saturday feeling kind of off I did wonder if perhaps it was the “sick before the storm,” but alas, I think I was just tired! Just my personal opinion, but our childbirth class nurse said there is some truth to this and if you look at animals who go into hiding when they feel ready, it’s likely not all that different for humans.
I’ve also been able to reduce my glute fatigue by nearly sleeping on my stomach – I put the pressure slightly forward on my hip bone instead of stacking my hips totally on my side.
I’m just pretending it’s standard part of the routine of birth and that the little guy requested it for his protection. I started contracting the night before (the 15th) and I had no idea I was actually having contractions. Sometimes I see a big bulk of thing coming out and I’m afraid that my belly will break. You can have a nurse cut the hand off a rubber glove and slide the wrist part over your wrist over the needle site to protect it from the water. Here at Mission for Health we are celebrating all the little things you do for your family’s health. I would like him to stay in until 39 weeks, 6 days : ) But I’m also getting really excited, and it’s a really fun change to feel things and not worry that he is coming too soon.
My mom recently said “We’re getting a kick out of this because you’ve never been tired in your life!” Sometimes in the afternoons I don’t even feel that sleepy – I just can’t keep my eyes open if I go horizontal!
When I’m not pregnant, I never get up in the night to go, and I haven’t really all that much during pregnancy until now either. For some reason I thought they’d be higher but they definitely felt low like menstrual cramps. I contracted all through the night but never so intense that it was painful though I didn’t get much sleep.
Doctor says 99.9% of women experience swelling in the end and since my blood pressure is still very low, it’s not a concern.

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