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Image via WikipediaBack in the days before game consoles used huge graphics cards as a crutch, game programmers had to actually put effort into making games fun.
Image via WikipediaSince The Office, at least judging from what I saw last night, can't get too much worse in life, I decided to make some predictions for the top ten things that will happen in the next season.
Image via WikipediaI just wanted to write a short post today reacting to watching the final Michael Scott episode from the television series The Office.
As expected, almost the entire episode was devoted to an insipid and drawn out farewell between Michael and the rest of the coworkers in the office. If the series has any chance of surviving a few more seasons, the writers need to take a serious step back and have the characters start disliking each other again. I am reposting this link from someone else's Facebook post, even though I don't want to give more publicity to these types of non sequitur types of arguments.
Beyond being stupid because nobody that I know of is actually suggesting that, I fail to see the logical conclusion of his video. However, my main question is this, because I have frankly never understood it: how is it that corporations are able to convince the majority (the poor and middle class) to implement economic policies favorable to the minority (the rich) against the explicit economic self-interest of the majority?
For example, the spending cuts to Pell Grants, which cuts funding for nearly 9 million students too poor to pay for college on their own, passed in the last budget by both the Republicans and Obama could have been easily saved by simply letting the Bush tax cuts on the wealthy lapse.
If someone could explain the type of thinking that goes on here, I would very much appreciate it, because the mindset has always baffled me. If you haven't checked out these videos before, a character actor by the name of Moppix does some hilarious impersonations of racist "rednecks" from Arizona on his Youtube channel. If you have ever found yourself saying any of the things on this video WITHOUT joking, please do the world a favor and don't pass on your seed to the next generation. Even though the word on the street is that this video may have been approved by Lady Gaga now, there was some initial controversy between regarding his parody of her song "Perform This Way". While I think that the video is good, I think Lady Gaga is more of a parody just walking around breathing than Yankovic could ever make in a three minute song.
They had Super Mario Brothers 3: Whether it was warp whistles or the tanooki suit, this video game was one of the best video games ever made.
It was the only show in town: Today, people have all kinds of options available to them for entertainment.

Because I said so: Look, it's my article, and I can declare it the best game console of all time if I want.
Will Farrell will spend approximately half of each episode farting uncomfortably close Stanley's face.
Michael will make several return cameos for each show, each time wearing a hat more outrageous than the last time.
Pam and Erin will appear topless in at least one episode, possibly while engaged in a Jello fight. Holly will be revealed to be a man pretending to be a woman and later a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman. Erin will make out with Andy, Toby, Gabe, Darryl, Kevin, and Oscar as well as several unnamed guest stars.
Dialogue will now be written on the backs of wet napkins and handed to cast member exactly seven minutes before each scene is shot.
I have to admit that I was a big fan of the show early on, thought that the series hit it's peak around Seasons four and five (with the best episode of all time, in my opinion, being "Stress Relief" where Dwight Schrute does the fake fire drill) and kind of tapered off from there (especially with the Jim-Pam romance) and became unwatchable when that company that makes printers bought Dunder-Mifflin. When I tune in, I want to see tension, sarcasm, and the discomfort that comes with people saying and doing things in situations that mimic those in real life.
Basically, if you don't want to be bothered watching the video, the lying sack of crap makes an argument where he takes the idea of greater taxation on the rich, corporations, etc. So, since taking 100% of all corporate profits, rich people's salaries for an entire year, etc. However, whenever the idea of raising the taxes on the rich gets proposed, a bunch of jackasses like this guy and the Tea Baggers get on the internet, television, Fox News, etc. Below, I have included his videos of the "redneck philosophy" about the economy, discrimination (against rednecks), illegal immigrants, and Obama. As a professional courtesy, Yankovic seeks approval from all artists before publishing parodies of their songs. Your guess is as good as mine; although, I am sure that being too much of a prima donna has something to do with it.
Thus, without further ado, here are five reasons why I think NES was the best game console ever.

It just had a fun, easy, laid back style of play that you just don't see in most of the games today (except for the latter games in the Mario series on the Wii). With the NES games back in the day, you had games all over the place: questing games with Zelda, fighting games with Mike Tyson Boxing and Double Dragon, and running and jumping games with The Simpsons vs. But, at the same time, Atari really didn't forge the whole home video gaming industry in the same way that NES did. This will be performed loudly in the background as the characters drink vodka and beat small children.
Having nearly the entire episode devoted to this sappiness, however, was downright aggravating.
Prior to NES, having a game console was something like having a ham radio or a bug collection -- cool but still rare. Would the series actually make the exit funny and memorable, or would they produce a sappy, emotional piece of drivel? One of the charms of The Office back when it originally started was that it involved a bunch of difficult people stuck together in an office and trying to find ways to avoid killing each other.
Think about it: Pell Grants are directly beneficial to poor people trying to go to college, many of whom STILL ROUTINELY vote for politicians who vote to cut funding to the program. However, in the case of Gaga, she refused permission for him to publish the song after Al sent her a recording.
Even after that element died out -- probably because the writers made the mistake of falling in love with their characters -- the sheer talent and charisma of Steve Carrell carried the series for a little while. Technically, her permission is something Al doesn't even technically need under the copyright laws in order to release the song because its a parody. But, to me, this silly cry-fest that the audience was subjected to tonight is evidence that the series should have ended a long time ago. However, he usually hold off releasing the songs (at least for money) anyway as a professional courtesy, and he decided to release the video on Youtube instead.

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