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If you are pregnant, the thought of falling while pregnant may be scary, but in reality it is something that happens on occasion. When a woman reaches the fourth month of pregnancy, she will begin to lose some of her balance, an in a sense becomes a little top heavy.
To be on the safe side, if you do fall while pregnant you will likely want to call your doctor and tell him or her what happened. With the fetal kick count you will want to sit down and relax; make sure that you have a watch or clock that you can see. Falling while pregnant can be a frightening event, but ita€™s important not to worry about it too much as many women fall when they are pregnant; in only a few cases will a fall actually harm your baby. To help prevent falls, you always wear comfortable walking shoes and try to avoid walking on wet surfaces and ice.
Information on this web site is provided for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Fotosearch Stock Photography and Stock Footage Royalty Free ImagesStock Photography & Royalty Free Stock Photos licensed by Publitek, Inc. After many long months of hiatus, one of my and our entire WHR Team reveled as a most favorite science fiction drama series returned to our television screens!
The reception by fans on Twitter and Facebook was palpable, heartfelt and gleeful as millions upon millions celebrated a thirteen episode season three featuring the heroes of the Mason family, father Tom (Noah Wyle) and his faithful sons Hal (Drew Roy), Ben (Connor Jessup) and Matt (Maxim Knight).
As was announced last year at Comic-Con 2012 that a third season renewal was reality, the entire science fiction fandom has literally been all a Twitter over the anticipated return of one of the greatest television dramas revolving around the time honored alien invasion, and subsequent enslavement of our fair planet Earth! Was there anything about the return of Falling Skies this reviewer did not enjoy or fill my geek heart with joy and sheer delight? Was there much to be grateful for outside of the addition of three episodes over the ten episode seasons one and two that have built an edifice in the science fiction television drama genre? To this reviewers own delight, rejoining the strong ensemble main cast of Noah Wyle, Colin Cunningham, Moon Bloodgood, Jessy Schram, Mpho Koaho, Will Patton, Sarah Sanguine Carter, Drew Roy, Maxim Knight, Connor Jessup, Seychelle Gabriel, Ryan Robbins, Luciana Carro, Laci J. While the new characters of season three are introduced and smoothly woven into the exciting story arc of season three by the superb and well oiled writing talents of Robert Rodat (series creator), and science fiction veteran Remi Aubuchon, many other beloved characters returned in the third season of Falling Skies to grace our screens.
This includes four of our favorite characters and actors, Skitter Fighter and Detective Anthony (Mpho Koaho), Berserkers Tector (Ryan Robbin), Crazy Lee (Luciano Carro), and the erstwhile young medical assistant Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel). Each of these talented young thespians have pleasantly assumed larger roles with greater on screen time in the season three story arc of Falling Skies when compared with the previous two seasons. This reviewer was quite happy for all of these actors, looking forward in eager anticipation to seeing more of their characters interacting in the compelling post apocalyptic science fiction adventures brought to life by the genius of Steven Speilberg and his fantastic team over at Dreamworks Studios! We learn that the new aliens who arrived on Earth are named the Volm, whom have provided the Second Mass humans new weapons and technology to fight the evil marauding fish head Espheni! The advanced technology, weapons include sharing Volm methods to defeat the fishhead freaks, the Espheni. We also will learn that the Volm have been following the conquest driven Espheni from planet to planet fighting their enslavement of other civiization’s throughout the galaxy.
Anthony is observed revealing more of his back story as a former police officer and detective in the now overrun and conquered city of Boston. As with John Pope, the Lourdes character plays a larger role in assisting Anne Glass (Moon Bloodgood) in medical emergencies including utilization of new technology from the recently arrived allied aliens, the Volm, well represented by the new arrival, in the portrayal of the Cochise (Doug Jones) character.
Of course, we are saddened at the loss of favorite characters Dai (Peter Shinkoda), Jimmy (Dylan Authors), and Rick (Daniyah Ysrayl), who were all lost during the 2012 second season in the fight for freedom from alien invasion and suppression of the human race.
To make up for the loss of beloved characters, another hero returns in season three of Falling Skies; “Red Eye”, the leader of the Rebel Skitter faction who has befriended Ben Mason in the fight against Karen, traitor to all humanity! It was nice to know that Red Eye and his loyal “Rebel Skitter Division” survived evil Karen (Jessy Schram) during the hiatus.
This reviewer looks forward to able, yet mysterious Red Eye supporting the Second Mass Freedom Fighters in their struggle for freedom and an end to slavery during season three! Kicking up the drama and overall realism of Falling Skies in season three are exotic new location sets and visual effects by Michael Cliett, special effects by Rob Sanderson, and outstanding digital effects by the great team at Zoic Studios including superb underground VFX shoots with the cast offset in the distance.
The first two episodes of season three effectively demonstrate a well oiled crew of make up artists, costumers, camera people, location shooting staff, featuring wonderful cinematography, cool camera angles and smooth editing for scene transitions that make the viewer want to invest in the superb story arc by Robert Rodat and Remi Aubuchon in an episode excellently directed by Greg Beeman. Captain Weaver, soon to be known as Colonel Weaver (Will Patton) his daughter Jeanne (Laci J. Our young Freedom Fighter Matt Mason sneaks in to the mining compound and plants alien explosives throughout the mine. In an extremely exciting sequence, Ben Mason (Connor Jessup) and another teen rappel down the cliff side to the mine entrance to engage a large cadre of Espheni Skitters slave masters of children!
John Pope (Colin Cunningham) and his band of Berserkers burst upon the scene on his favorite vehicle, motorcycles, blasting their weapons at the evil Skitter slavers. Our favorite female hero Maggie (Sarah Sanguine Carter) and “Lonely Boy” Hal Mason (Drew Roy) are approaching the location in Jeeps with fully automatic top mounted fifty caliber weapons blazing as Maggie sprays the area with a neat hand held model! The effort by the Second Mass is full bore assault on the Skitter slave master alien Espheni mining operation, victorious in the initial foray to save the poor harnessed teenagers who are being controlled by narcotic haze inducing drugs we have observed previously. Ben and the Second Mass loads the harnessed kids onto military vehicles to liberate them from slavery. The Second mass thinks they have won the battle outright when suddenly two new adversaries appear! These are a previously unseen enemy in the Falling Skies series, humongous Mega Mech’s, whom rise up from behind a series of nearby rock boulder “ambush blinds” in an attempt to thwart the Second Mass victory, and block their escape! The enhanced versions of the Mech’s, who are both frightening and formidable, appeared to be waiting purposefully in ambush for the Second Mass. This reviewer and many admirers of Falling Skies One immediately think the aliens have been tipped off by Hal (Drew Roy). From above, after a cool scene when Ben’s harness spikes light up to call Red Eye, the rebel Skitter Leader and his cohorts race down to turn the tide of battle aiding their human rebel allies. The members of the Second Mass head home after a hard won victory freeing the enslaved teens. We learn that Hal, although observed firing a fifty caliber automatic is crippled from his body being invaded by the Espheni alien “bugging” device.
As Hal is placed into his wheelchair, we are left to wonder if his lack of ambulatory status is permanent and why he has been affected.
We find ourselves with Jeanne, who is helping bring her boyfriend Diego to Anne Glass to remove his Skitter harness. During the harness removal process, Anne has slick new medical technology, provided by the Volm, that she uses to remove the harness rather easily and almost painlessly. Despite small moans from Diego, the process is far superior to the torch removal method seen in previous seasons.

Apparently only Lourdes and Anne are only members of Second Mass that have been taught by the Volm to utilize the device.
As President, Tom convenes a “post mortum” Cabinet Level debriefing about the latest mission. After examining the facts, it becomes clear that their mission at the Skitter slave mines was ambushed. Cochise politely weighs in, saying they are unnerving the Espheni (the formal name for the evil fish head alien slaver masters) and forcing them to reveal their strategy. With Hal looking a bit uncomfortable during the briefing, at least on a subconscious level, perfectly acted by Drew Roy.
Tom decides to appoint the crafty Arthur Manchester (Terry O’Quinn) to head an official investigation into determining just who the spy may be that has infiltrated their ranks.
To viewers who have seen the Espheni “bug” that is in Hal’s head from last season, the answer is clear, Hal is a unwitting spy do the bidding of the Espheni.
While Hal has become the lover of Maggie (Sarah Sanguine Carter), whom shares a bed with, all is not well. In the dream sequence, the two are kissing passionately, when suddenly Tom wakes up in a cold sweat!
Ben officially informs Marina and his father, President Mason that Red Eye, who has saved them several times, has requested a meeting that evening, but outside of town.
The rebel aliens are reluctant to come into the base town because of the prejudiced feelings about the Skitters despite their loyalty of the rebel faction to the Second Mass. Here in the Falling Skies story arc the human failing of race hatred is more than effectively illustrated.
After giving Hal a big smooch of encouragement assuring him that he will eventually overcome his debilitating condition, Maggie shares her concerns with Lourdes about what Karen might have done to affect Hal. Lourdes assures her they checked him out thoroughly after his alien encounter and found nothing physically wrong, even though his legs do not appear to work any longer.
In the next sequence, Arthur Manchester is meeting with Skitter Fighter and hero, Anthony (Mpho Koaho). Arthur is attempting to recruit the always helpful Anthony to help with his investigation into the spy matter, due in part to the fact that Anthony was a former police officer and detective.
Manchester has a list of at least fifty likely suspects and requests Anthony’s assistance to winnow down the list to ascertain just who the real Espheni spy is. The rebel Skitter leader informs Weaver and Tom that they have determined another major attack on Charleston is being readied to demonstrate the Espheni power, to hide their recent setbacks. Naturally all in the group, as well as the audience immediately knows the new non human “hostile” is none other than the brainwashed, yet nonetheless ruthless, evil and totally corrupted Karen Nadler, Fish Head Slave Queen! Suddenly, Anne Glass goes into labor with Tom rushing off before he learns the vital information from Manchester. This is a convenient, but not unexpected plot twist to leave Manchester alone so the human spy of the Espheni can get access to kill him. The scene is fun bearing a striking resemblance to towns in the old West from American and Canadian history. John Pope, clearly in charge of “Pope Town” is observed squelching any anti-alien talk among his cadre. It would appear that Pope has begun to overcome his own prejudice of Skitters after help received from Chochise the Volm, and Red Eye the rebel Skitter Leader. We move back to Arthur Manchester’s office where a person or persons are visiting Manchester a visit. In a revealing scene, Manchester is apparently not surprised to see them, asking if “is it that time already”. However, the situation portends opportunity for our helpful detective Skitter Fighter, Anthony. Anthony concludes that the fatal wound may be from some sort of modified Volm technology effectively planting the suggestion that someone could be setting them up, or that The Volm motives are themselves suspect.. President and Commander in Chief Tom asks Anthony to pursue the investigation to determine precisely who the spy, or spy’s are that are working for the Espheni. As the exciting two part episode first half winds down, a bit more excitement and joy are injected into the story arc in the coming moments. President becomes Mid-Wife, as soon to be Father Tom rushes to his lover Anne’s side assisting her as she gives birth to a healthy baby girl!
It is more than apparent John Pope is none too pleased by the speech from President Tom Mason. In what is clearly not entirely a dream, Karen seduces Hal indicating that he woke up paralyzed from the neck down seven months ago because he was fighting the Espheni brain probe implant. From this reveal, we know that Hal has been a “sleep walker” and is likely the one who is involved with the killing of Arthur Manchester. It is also obvious Hal has been compelled into the meetings with Karen the traitor, in secret, at night, in the forest, on a fairly regular basis.
Colonel Weaver and President Tom share a toast of Single Malt Scotch to the future of the Second Mass and the hope for freedom for the entire human and enslaved races on Earth.
It is during their chat when Weaver finally admits his prejudice to Tom over a belt of booze; he does not fully trust The Volm.
However, and knowingly, Tom shares with his old pal Weaver that The Volm aliens in general, Cochise in specific, are the primary reason the Second Mass are winning so many battles against the evil Espheni and have remained free from enslavement like so many other poor souls on planet Earth. Using a secret underground tunnel that only they know about, they come upon an Espheni technology center that prevents more Volm ships from leaving orbit and entering the Earth’s atmosphere to reinforce the humans. As the screen fades to black, Tom is showing Weaver a giant weapon the size of a building that is being constructed underground, likely powerful enough to The Volm reinforcements arriving on Earth.
Just where is where is the power plant for this facility and what type of weapons does it produce? We discover the power plant is nuclear and the compound has been fortified against attack by an army of Mega Mech’s! Cochise and The Volm, after discovering the nuclear power plant is the source for Espheni weapons platform found in the first hour of the two part episode, now encourage President Tom Mason to seek its timely destruction. A plan is devised with Ben and Dani, both enhanced beings from being Skitterized, to scout the premises to look for weaknesses and bring back details to ultimately destroy the facility. Poor Hal, wheel chair bound during the day, mobile at night lusting for Karen by compulsion, has ongoing nightmares involving his relationship with her. This ultimately ends up leading to the discovery that Hal is not crippled after all, simply horribly manipulated by Karen. The loyalty of The Volm is severely questioned among the Second Mass fostered by John Pope and other doubters as prejudice once again raises it’s ugly head.

The team confirms that their worst fear has come true when they discover the mole is among them. Each must grapple with the fact that evil Espheni, although left with a bloody nose, are suppressing and enslaving a nearly prostrate humanity around the globe. After finding Hal’s boots in the closet covered with mud in the first hour of the two part episode, at the conclusion of the two hour season three opener, Maggie then follows and finds him in the forest with evil Karen looking on! As mentioned in the beginning of this analysis, this first two episodes episode of the third season rightfully deserves an A PLUS. The Falling Skies creators have artfully introduced the additional elements of The Volm, a “mole” like spy or spy’s amongst the humans, added new life in the form of baby Alexis, while enhancing the existing characters rather nicely.
This reviewer waits in eager anticipation for the ongoing saga of Falling Skies that is being unfolded delightfully before our eyes and imaginations each week!
Thank you for visiting WormholeRiders News Agency and reading our theories, history back story and significance of the historical reference material imparted for our pleasure by the creators of Falling Skies! Please feel free to leave a comment here or if you prefer, click the social media icons below to share this news article. One of the reasons that falls are not all that unusual is because a pregnant woman doesna€™t have the same balance and coordination that she did before becoming pregnant. In addition to this, there is weight gain to deal with, the joints and ligaments are more relaxed due to hormone changes; all of this serves to make a woman feel clumsy and out of sorts. After you explain what has happened to your doctor, he or she may want you to come into their office so they can ensure listen to the fetal heartbeat has not injured the baby. The most obvious sign that something might be wrong is if you begin spotting or hemorrhaging. The fetal kick count involves paying attention to how many times your baby kicks or moves within a half hour. Falling Skies, once decried in 2010 and 2011 as a series that would never be accepted by families and science fiction lovers by some critics, has beyond any doubt now assumed it’s rightful place as a legendary series imparting important human interest messages, often via metaphor, that resonates with millions upon millions of today’s viewers worldwide, each of whom who can relate to the stories of life incorporated therein!
Tector and Crazy Lee are seen frequently, both in battle scenes and in a new drinking facility and Berserker party hangout, named after none other than John Pope (Colin Cunningham).
Even Weaver (begrudgingly) has learned that Pope is an asset to the Second mass in the fight for freedom against the alien invaders! Tom Mason, like the cavalry comes to the rescue on horseback with the new Volm alien named Cochise (Doug Jones) at his side and they help end the fighting. Upon return to the base, Tom Mason is greeted by General Bressler (Matt Frewer), who calls him Mr. Tom, Ben, Maggie, Marina and trustworthy Lyle (Brad Kelly) assist as we learn that hal is indeed a cripple!
The gathering is attended by Colonel Weaver, General Bressler, Tom’s three sons and Cochise, their new alien Volm ally.
This reviewer believes these nightmares are the method the “bug” transmits information to turncoat Karen, his old girlfriend now allied with the alien Espheni. He also informs them that a new non alien has risen in the ranks of the Esphani, now operating .
Arthur Manchester is informing Tom he has narrowed the list of suspects down to a dozen main people.
We are in a smoke filled saloon in what is referred to as “Pope Town”, located on the edge of Charleston proper. Subsequently investigating Manchester’s murder, Anthony closely examines the fatal wound that killed Arthur Manchester.
Lover, President, Mid-Wife, Skitter and Alien Fighter, AND great Father precisely the type of man who comes in handy once in a while? John Pope and his Berserkers are pounding down a few cold ones on a nearby terrace of sorts while watching the entire town rally sequence.
We have been led to believe that these events have been nightmares Hal has been experiencing. She glows as any mother should when she sees her newborn baby Alexis sitting up in her crib smiling at her. Ben and his sidekick Dani (Megan Danso) are overlooking the Espeheni nuclear power plant that powers their weapons and technology to help them dominate the entire region. Naturally this leads to more Single Malt Scotch drinking between President Mason and Colonel Weaver.
Or as many of our readers and visitors often do, visit WHR on Twitter, WHR on Facebook or visit me on Twitter by clicking the text links or images avatars in this news story. When a woman is pregnant not only is her balance offset due to gravity, but in some cases she may not even be able to see her feet; this is especially true in the last few weeks of pregnancy. No only will this ensure that your baby is okay, but it will go a long way in helping to calm your own fears about the fall. Bleeding at any point in your pregnancy should be reported to your doctor, but this is even more important if you have recently sustained an injury. Fotosearch helps you find the perfect stock image, royalty free photo, stock photograph, picture or graphic. The evil Skitters and their Mechanical servants are supervising the enslaved kids who are in the drug like state seemingly happy to be performing the mining operations for their alien masters.
They are on a mission to rescue Jeanne’s enslaved harnessed boyfriend Diego (Hector Bucio). Things go from bad to worse as a wave of Skitter reinforcements dashes out of the mine and proceeds to attack Ben (Connor Jessup), who fights for his life after being knocked to the ground!
It seems possible but unlikely at this juncture since Hal is scheduled the following day to be in physical therapy with Maggie, Lourdes and Anne. Dovetailed by the Tector, Crazy Lee and Lyle “icing on the cake”, each of the scenes with the Pope Gang are a delight to watch! If you feel him or her kick at least ten times then chances are your baby is fine; if you dona€™t get at least ten kicks you will want to call your doctor as soon as possible. We also sell discs containing royalty free stock photos, stock photographs, pictures, and graphics.
Bressler is accompanied by Marina Perlata (Gloria Reuben), Chief of Staff of Tom’s Presidential aides. Buy photographs and get immediate image file downloads, or get fast, cheap delivery on CD-ROM or DVD.

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