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Despite the amount of education available about the risks associated with teenage pregnancy, way too many girls are still finding themselves 16 and pregnant. Although teenage pregnancy reached an all-time high in 1991 and declined steadily for several years after, as of 2006, the overall number of pregnant girls age 13-19 is climbing once again.
The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy estimates that teen pregnancies cost the public about $11 billion each year. Being 16 and pregnant, or any young age for that matter, can be risky for both the mother and baby.
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believes that teenage mothers may be at a higher risk for developing postpartum depression. Sexually active teenagers are at a higher risk of contracting an STD, which can cause serious complications for both the mother and the baby. Although the statistics and risk of complications regarding teen pregnancy are alarming, being 16 and pregnant is not the end of the world. Being a young mother myself and having TONS of friends who have children (mainly ages 17-24), I come face to face with mothers who just can’t seem to grow up.
Of the approximately one-million yearly cases of teen pregnancy, only 85 percent of those are unplanned.

However, much of that figure factors in the cost of foster care, a higher incidence of incarceration among children who grow up in the foster system, and lost tax revenue for those who have to stop working to care for a baby.
Pregnant teenagers are more likely to suffer from pregnancy-induced high blood pressure, or preeclampsia, than their older counterparts are. In some cases, it may be because they lack a good support system, and in others, they are just too scared to tell their parents and get the support they need. Coupled with the lack of a solid support system, this can often result in serious psychological trauma for the girl, and an increased risk of abandonment or injury for the baby. Not all pregnant teenagers develop complications, drop out of school, or raise children destined for prison system.
That means that 150,000 teenagers each year actually make a conscious decision to get pregnant. Preeclampsia can result in premature delivery and low birth-weight for the baby, and complications such as kidney failure, seizures, and stroke for the mom.
This puts them at a high risk for a myriad of complications that can affect both the mom and the baby. In fact, women of all ages should be tested for sexually transmitted diseases early during their pregnancy if they have had multiple sexual partners recently.

She's been writing most of her life and realized that she could combine her writing talents with her medical knowledge to help others in a new way. With all the horror stories out there, I wanted to end the post with a message that being young and pregnant is not the end of the world. Being 16 and pregnant, or any young age for that matter, can put a serious strain on the girl’s relationships, education, and even her body.
A good support system can go a long way, but ultimately, it is up to the teenager to decide how she wants her life to turn out.
It may be the end of a certain way of life, but I’ve known many girls who had babies young and went on to lead very fulfilling, successful lives while raising happy, healthy children.
When she's not writing 12 hours a day, she enjoys reading and spending time with her very cool son. I got hooked onto ONE guy, and we didn’t prevent the pregnancy from happening (very irresponsible at such a young age, I know).

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