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In May and throughout the year, join the Family & Youth Services Bureau's Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program in our effort to PREP teens for the future.
FYSB's Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program administers 156 grants throughout the nation and several U.S. Accurate knowledge about sexual health, pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections, and the importance of abstinence. New analysis in the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report found birth rates among Hispanic and black teens were more than three times higher than white teens and that socioeconomic and education gaps were common in communities with high teen birth rates, regardless of rates.
Use the #PREPTeens hashtag to participate in the online conversation on all of your social media accounts!
Did you know teaching teens life skills, like financial literacy, can help prevent pregnancy?
Thirty-four percent of grantees from the Family and Youth Services Bureau's Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention program serves youth in foster care.

Youth are less likely to get pregnant if they have healthy relationships, supportive parents and accurate knowledge about sexual health.
Teaching teens about healthy life skills, development, and communication helps to prepare them for adulthood and equips them with the information needed to make responsible decisions and avoid teen pregnancy. Use your social media and our resources below to heighten awareness in your community to avoid teen pregnancy. EDTIn this Twitter chat, the National Clearinghouse on Families and Youth is partnering with the Child Welfare Information Gateway, a national service offered by the Children's Bureau, to connect professionals and the public to information about child welfare, child abuse, out-of-home care, adoption, and more. EDTThis webinar will highlight effective strategies, models, and stakeholder partnerships that aim to reduce adolescent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infection (STI) rates among runaway and homeless youth.
During Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, join the Family & Youth Services Bureau's effort to #PREPTeens for the Future. Learn how these programs target vulnerable populations by providing culturally relevant and age-appropriate comprehensive and abstinence-only sex education.

These programs target vulnerable populations by providing culturally relevant and age-appropriate comprehensive and abstinence-only sex education.
Chat participants will learn why it's especially important to prevent teen pregnancy among youth in out of home placements and what strategies have proven effective so far. Register for the webinar to learn more about relevant data and the adolescent pregnancy prevention strategies currently being implemented with these populations of youth. The webinar will be highly interactive and offer ample opportunities for attendees to ask questions of the presenters.

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