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I wouldn’t exactly say that I was obsessed with getting pregnant, but I was certainly focused on it. We weren’t big fatties to start with, but we had just spent 6 months travelling, correction, eating all over Europe, Africa and Asia and had piled on a bit of weight.
As the main cook in our house I promptly overhauled our meals, banned alcohol and enforced rigorous daily exercise. When I found out how small the window is for actually achieving this goal (24-48 hours) I wondered how anyone had ever been born at all. Saying that, we were a little stressed as we were also trying to look for a house to buy and the market was very competitive.

The next month we went through the same routine and I’m absolutely sure hubby was hoping, with all his might, that this would be the month so I could stop acting crazy (and he could drink beer again). We went out to dinner to celebrate and because I’d been so intense for the past two months I decided to relax and enjoy the moment. It was 3 days before my period was due but it’s still possible to find out quite accurately. When I saw the two pink lines that signaled a positive result I couldn’t believe my eyes. That’s right, after all that, we became future homeowners and future parents on the very same day.

I became an expert on ovulation, the female and male reproductive systems, the best sex positions and everything else that you need to know when trying to create a little bundle of joy.

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