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Very few teens who become mothers plan on doing so.It is really amazing that out of all teen pregnancies, 82 percent are unintended.
Teens who become pregnant are less likely to attend college.Though teenage mothers today are more likely to draw to a close high school or earn their GEDs than in the past, pregnant teens are less likely to attend college than teens who do not become pregnant.
Black teens have the highest teen pregnancy rate.For the young women age range from 15-19, black teens are most likely to become pregnant (134 per 1,000 women). Nearly a third of pregnant teenagers choose abortion.At this stage out of all teenage pregnancies, 29% are terminated by abortion. US teen pregnancy rates are higher than those of other developed countries.US rates are twice as high as in England and Wales or Canada, and eight times as high as in the Netherlands or Japan. How Are Information Systems Transforming Business And What Is Their Relationship To Globalization ?

Although teen pregnancy rates are on the decline, the United States still has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the developed worlds. In 2011, there were 334,000 births among women aged 19 or younger. This figure is down 3% in the past decade. Out of all teenage pregnancies, 26% are terminated by abortion, down from 29% over a decade ago.Teens are sometimes dissuaded from seeking abortions because of dishonest pregnancy crisis centers. Although teenage mothers today are more likely to finish high school or earn their GEDs than in the past, pregnant teens are less likely to attend college than teens who do not become pregnant. For example, the US teenage pregnancy rate is more than twice as high as rates in Canada (28 per 1,000 women aged 15–19 in 2006) and Sweden (31 per 1,000). The Teen Pregnancy Facts takes a look at the trends in teenage pregnancy, higher risks for medical problems in teenage mothers and a comparison of teenagers who get pregnant to women who wait until they are older to get pregnant.

Somewhat lower rates occur among Hispanics (131 per 1,000) followed by non-Hispanic whites (48 per 1,000). Since 2007, the teen birth rate has declined by 45% for Hispanics, compared with declines of 37% for blacks and 32% for whites. However, a December 2007 report by the Centers for Disease Control shows a 3% increase in teenage pregnancy from 2005 to 2006.

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