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Most animal lovers in Brevard know that local shelters are overflowing with adoptable dogs and cats, but many do not realize how many of those animals are pit bull-type dogs. Unfortunately, dogs labeled as pit bulls have a much greater probability of winding up in shelters and being euthanized than other dogs. To help combat misperceptions about pit bulls and find homes for displaced local dogs, Stone Fire Art Studios and Gallery in Titusville is hosting a joint pit bull adoption and fundraising event for the North Animal Care Center (NACC) and the SPCA of North Brevard. In his upcoming book, I’m a Good Dog: Pit Bulls, America’s Most Beautiful (and Misunderstood) Pet, Ken Foster gives the best definition of a “pit bull” that I have seen so far. This article contributed by Susan Naylor, media specialist for the SPCA of North Brevard in Titusville. About BHWe are the digital magazine that's your go-to source for everything happening in Brevard County, FL. The Divorce Recovery Workshop (DR) is a place to find friends, support and resources to overcome anger and to heal from pain.
The lunar month, also called a lunation or the synodic month, is the measure of time between two successive new Moons.
The longest lunar month of 2014 - August 25 through September 24 - lasts for 29 days 16 hours and 1 minute.
The shortest lunar month this year happened in between the new Moons of January 30 and March 1. In 2014, the year's longest and shortest lunar months do not actually showcase great extremes. The century's shortest lunar month takes place in between the new Moons of June and July 2053, a period of 29 days 6 hours and 35 minutes. How about that we, just for the fun of it, measure the length of the lunar month by successive full Moons? The lunar month, whether measured by successive new Moons or full Moons, is longer than average if the successive new (full) Moons align closely with apogee - the Moon's farthest point from Earth in its orbit.
The longest lunar months happen when successive new (full) Moons occur near lunar apogee - and in addition, the Earth is near perihelion (Earth's closest point to the Sun in its orbit).
On the other hand, extremely short lunar months happen when successive new (full) Moons fall near lunar perigee - and in addition, the Earth is near aphelion (Earth's farthest point from the Sun in its orbit). During the period from 1760 to 2200, the longest new Moon lunar month happened in between the new Moons of December 1787 and January 1788: 29 days 19 hours and 58 minutes.

During the same time period from 1760 to 2200, the longest full Moon lunar month happened in between the full Moons of December 1880 and January 1881: 29 days 19 hours and 58 minutes.
BIIWe tend to talk about social networks in terms of size, because audience reach is one of social mediaa€™s biggest advantages. But as audiences adopt newer social networks, and peoplea€™s social activity becomes increasingly fragmented, other measures of social network activity become more important, especially for businesses trying to determine where to best allocate time and resources. In a recent report, BI Intelligence calculates an Engagement Index for top major social networks and compares their performance in terms of time-spend terms per-user, on desktop and mobile. Social is now the top Internet activity: Americans spend more time on social media than any other major Internet activity, including email. Pinterest, Tumblr and LinkedInA made major successful pushes last year to increase engagement on their mobile sites and apps. Our BI IntelligenceA INSIDER Newsletters are currently read by thousands of business professionals first thing every morning. Our subscribers consider the INSIDER Newsletters a "daily must-read industry snapshot" and "the edge needed to succeed personally and professionally" a€” just to pick a few highlights from our recent customer survey.
With our full money-back guarantee, we make it easy to find out for yourself how valuable the daily insights are for your business and career. I use the term “pit bull-type dogs” because breed identification based solely on appearance is highly unreliable. For more information, you can contact Teri Scott, PR Director for the SPCA at 321-267-8221 extension 246. A Brevard County native, Susan graduated from Titusville High School and Brevard Community College, and she is currently pursuing a degree in digital media at UCF.
Enjoy our local coverage of area dining, events, entertainment and other things-to-do in Brevard. It's no coincidence that the year's longest lunar month begins one fortnight after the year's closest and largest supermoon on August 10, 2014. That's 3 hours and 17 minutes longer than the mean lunar month of 29 days 12 hours and 44 minutes.
In fact, the longest and shortest lunar months in the years ahead will vary more greatly from the mean. In 2014, we find that the longest and shortest lunar months, as measured by successive full Moons, vary more greatly from the mean than do this year's new Moons.

The longest lunation occurs between the January and February 2014 full Moons: 29 days 19 hours and 1 minute.
On the other hand, the lunar month is shorter than average if the successive new (full) Moons closely align with perigee - the Moon's nearest point. Because Earth is always closest to the Sun in early January, the very longest lunar months take place in between December and January new (full) Moons.
We also look at how the different top activities on social media a€” photo-sharing, status updates, etc.
As an added bonus, you'll also gain access to all future reports and daily newsletters to ensureA you stay ahead of the curve and benefit personally and professionally. Fortune 1000 companies, startups, digital agencies, investment firms, and media conglomerates rely on these newsletters to keep atop the key trends shaping their digital landscape a€” whether it is mobile, digital media, e-commerce, payments, or the Internet of Things. Since then I’ve learned that other methods exist…but they all rely on the use of supplemental charts rather than using the moon itself as a clock. Also on Sunday, the gallery showing of Maxine Trainer’s pit bull pop art and other local artists’ renditions of their favorite pit bulls will be open for the public to peruse and purchase.
If you would like to contribute artwork for this event, contact Maxine Trainer at 321-652-6363. An avid animal lover with too many full-time and foster pets to count, she has a soft spot for older and difficult-to-train dogs. The longest lunar month of the 21st century (2001 to 2100) happens in between the December 2017 and January 2018 new Moons. The shortest happens between the August and September full supermoons: 29 days 6 hours and 44 minutes.
When Susan isn’t promoting the shelter’s Facebook page or designing ads for adoption promotions, she enjoys spending time with her own dogs at the park or at the beach. With a length of 29 days 19 hours and 47 minutes, this particular lunar month exceeds the mean by a whopping 7 hours and 3 minutes. While listening to the smooth stylings of musicians Antoine Knight and Jacqueline Jones, attendees can bid on animal-themed chair art created by local artists.

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