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Former Trader Joe’s president Doug Rauch is supporting a new effort that will be bring low-cost food and meals to low-income areas by using food that’s passed sell-by dates. I think a better solution would be for less waste in general, but in a consumer driven culture that reigns in Western culture, this is a high and lofty ideal that simply will never work. I’m a little conflicted about this myself, as God asks us to give from the top, the first, the best, so why would we give from the bottom, the last and the worst? I heard a TED talk about non-profit work and I wish I could remember to share you the link.
Giving to someone for the resources they lack is far less empowering than giving someone the resources to earn.

Selling expired food and preparing meals from expired food at a reduced price has more to do with sustainability than anything else. My first thought was what effect this will have on food banks, as this proposed initiative will compete for the same resources. I’m personally not involved in running a food bank, but as I hear of food bank charities struggle for donation dollars, perhaps this kind of restructuring and rethinking is needed to revolutionize how feeding the poor in the Western world is done. Feeding the hungry with our leftovers and imperfect food seems very lofty, but is there a better solution? This also adds value to an otherwise free product and gives those having a rough time making ends meet more self-respect.

This may also remove pressure from overburdened food banks as their clients may shift from free food to discounted food, leaving food banks better equipped to focus heavily on the poorest of our society.

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