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Don’t Ria and Jenna our #FitPregnancy models look great in all their new ASICS New Zealand gear?
Over the next 8 weeks we will shoot 60+ videos to bring you an even better Pregnancy Fitness and Wellness Program. Look forward to lots of new exercises, exercises to do at the GYM and at HOME, rehabilitation workouts, turn your baby workouts, pregnancy stretch and balance and much much more. You may hear some fitness professionals suggesting that if you already have a #diastasis during pregnancy that there is nothing you can do to reduce or to prevent it from getting larger and to simply continue with whatever you are doing (not much helpful advice there)! Fortunately this is not true as there are many steps that you can take to reduce and prevent #DiastasisRecti during your pregnancies.
Your growing uterus also compromises the diaphragm muscle (which is part of your 4 muscle core system) therefore making it almost impossible to contract optimally with the core muscles under especially when under significant load and stress.
ANY Exercises that significantly increases intra abdominal pressure, which includes deadlifts and downward dogs these should be monitored carefully and I often suggest avoiding from 25 weeks. Everyone is different and the above are guidelines but I would suggest that from 20 weeks all of the above exercises are avoided, as there are much better and safer alternatives. It is still best during pregnancy to train at 70-80% intensity which is your moderate exercise level. Although the dreaded nausea is raising its head, it's great to see that Lucie is continuing with her exercise routine and can really feel the benefits! Once pregnancy enters the picture — with morphing body shapes, constricted lung capacities and looser joints — even the most seasoned exercise enthusiast feels like a newbie all over again.

Considering prenatal exercise myths are rampant, we asked Erica Ziel — founder of Core Athletica, Inc. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. If your #postnatal client has told you that they had their #diastasis checked post birth by either their midwife or a physio at the hospital and they said it was ok, you still need to check! Weather was really hot at the weekend so I went on my cross trainer instead, need to be very careful about overheating ( Lucie was writing this before the winter rains set in so if the wet weather is putting you off going outside right now then try the workouts from our Staying Fitta pages – you can exercise in the comfort of your own lounge!).
No actual vomiting, but have come close a couple of times – on the bus and in a presentation at work.
The tiredness hasn’t been as bad this week, but it has been overtaken by constant nausea!
Exhale as you begin to draw your pelvis underneath you by pulling up on your pelvic floor (think doing a kegel) and hugging your baby. Sit with legs out straight in front, and wrap your long 5-foot exercise band around your feet (twice!). Stand in a lunge position, one leg forward and one leg back, using an exercise ball or chair for added support.
Tuck your hips under so you can activate your bum more easily as you lower down into a lunge, while bending your back knee. We’ll pick a winner next Tuesday, March 27, and make the announcement right here and on my Early Mama Facebook page.

What will prepare our bodies for labor, and eventually for the surprisingly strenuous job of lugging around an infant? And she’s even offering a lucky Babble reader a set of her new Knocked-Up Fitness DVDs! Think about growing your spine tall and again engage your pelvic floor muscles while giving your baby a gentle hug. Still feeling very happy with every week that passes, still very worried about something going wrong. Feeling very hungry (plus when I’m eating I don’t feel sick!) Trying to go for fruit and healthy snacks, but not always what you fancy!
My physio also gave me some pointers on the exercises so I can perform them better (really helpful). At the end of the video I took my shirt off 😁where you can really see the separation of my abdominals around my bellybutton as a shadow.

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