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The only thing on your mind when you pregnant is the health of the baby and a wish for a normal delivery.
However, each pregnancy is different and may have some complications, due to which exercise may not be recommended. Aerobics have proven quite beneficial for pregnancy and especially when your goal is to have a normal vaginal delivery.
How to Perform – Experts advise says, a 30 minute walk two times in a day is good for any pregnant women. Precautions – although swimming can be beneficial but there are certain precautions you need to take so as to avoid any mishappening.
As you can see, exercising during pregnancy has a lot of benefits that will help you to cope up with your labor pains and even help you have a better recovery.
4- During pregnancy, support your baby’s weight and allow its delivery, when the time comes.
4 - Be aware that you are breathing normally and keep holding for 1-3 seconds, then relax slowly. 5 - Make sure that while you are contracting your muscles, continue to breathe, consciously. 6 - Start doing these exercises while you are sitting, then do them while you are standing or lying down. 4-Squating help the pregnant female to get rid of constipation, and your baby will be in the proper lie, and they will help in labour. First, use your arms to push against the floor and sit down, then bend your knees and slowly elevate yourself using your knee as a support one after the other.

Open your legs as far as possible to support your weight, then bend your knees slowly while keeping your back straight, then after picking up things elevate yourself same as before, and for better result, hold something to support you while standing. 4-To protect the good condition of pelvic muscles, joints… which become lose during pregnancy because of its hormone.
10-To keep self respect and confidence of the mother, these exercises help the mother to recover rapidly after delivery, and decrease post partum complication. Before you start to does any exercise consult your doctor regarding any problem face you and do not do exercise once you feel tired and exhausted. The right diet for yourself and for the baby is something that we all monitor but what about the right exercises. They help you to regulate proper breathing and boost your stamina to match the requirements of labor and childbirth. You should always wear comfortable shoes and clothes during pregnancy and its always better to go outdoors for walking instead of trying to do it at home. Jacuzzis, saunas and hot tubs might create over heating for fetus and therefore always go for normal swimming and not the heated ones. But if you feel uneasy during any exercise routine, it is advisable to stop the exercise then and there and consult your doctor immediately. The exit of all these parts pass through these muscles and you can feel them if you hold the passage of gases or urine. But, you may walk, stretch your toes, elevate your head while you are lying down and after 2 weeks you can do the recommended exercises.
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At the beginning try to exercise 1-2 times daily then increase it to 5 times then up to 10 times, if you feel pain in your muscle or joint decrease the number, exercise in a room with good ventilation and wear comfortable clothes. Follow the right regime of exercise during pregnancy for normal delivery can ensure that there are no complications and you can even avoid a ceserean section. But these need to be performed by a trained expert and therefore for these you need to join classes.
Walking on a regular basis proves to be a complete workout and performs the great task of taking care of overall well being of a pregnant woman.
Along with that they help in heartbeat regulation, preventing muscle injuries and reduce leg swelling. Also if you want to enjoy the bath tub try to stay away from bath salts as they can prove harmful for your baby.
This is why during pregnancy, it is important to perform certain exercises to ensure that you have a normal delivery without complications. If you wish to do them on your own you can download or purchase dumbell leg exercises video trainer available online. Problems like restlessness, blood pressure (high or low) and constipation can be easily solved by mere walking.

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