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Heidi Powell, Chris Powell's wife and trainer on ABC's Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, was on the show this morning to talk about the controversy of Crossfit Mom that has been going viral the last few days. My career in radio started one day with a blind date contest on-air and I was the girl getting set up on Mathew's Show! She talks about it not being as dangerous as many think and how you can exercise while pregnant and be safe.

OH and did we mention she talks about exercising during her own pregnancy causing her to spill the beans on the sex of her FOURTH baby!? I am the weirdest person you know that some how became a mom to 2 girls that are 10 years apart and gets to call her best friend her partner in life! When I'm not on the radio I'm either coaching my kids’ hockey teams, playing golf or taking a nap.

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