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Beautiful, challenging, delicate and democratic, this secret art has inspired generations of artists, from Jean Dubuffet to Jean-Michel Basquiat. Each collaborator has chosen artists or artworks which influence or inspire them - including the spirit drawings of London-born medium Madge Gill, the recycled ceramic kingdom of Indian roads worker Nek Chand and the panoramic fairytale illustrations of renowned Chicago recluse, Henry Darger.
Street art luminaries and emerging talent involved included Beatrice Brown, Deadbeat Donny, Ged Wells, Hornhead, Joanna Imrie, Ortiz, Panik, Pure Evil and Soozy Lipsey. Arts Co is managing the cultural strategy and events for the NZ exhibitions at the 53rd Venice Biennale in partnership with Theresa Simon & Partners who are handling the PR.
The artists representing New Zealand are Judy Millar with the project Giraffe-Bottle-Gun and Francis Upritchard with 'Save Yourself'. The pieces created for the From Now To Eternity project are available to view by appointment. Pioneering arts consultancy Arts Co has commissioned eight leading contemporary designers and design collectives to celebrate plastic through their work and look at ways to re-think our growing mountains of discarded waste. A film and talks programme accompanies the From Now To Eternity Exhibition, and is supported by Arts Council England. For environmental company, Adventure Ecology, Arts Co worked with emerging and established international artists, photographers, designers, filmmakers and architects on a range of projects to build awareness about environmental issues, in the UK and internationally, including ongoing exhibitions and an artist in residence programme.
Ecuador Block 16 was the first exhibition presented in London in October 2007, with work by artist Gabriel Orozco, photographers Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, and filmmaker Dustin Lynn. Atlantis is an enormous mythical landscape, a city created and carved out of semi-opaque used plastic food packaging, collected from people who live in London and covering the entire exhibition space. The architecture of Atlantis is inspired by ideas of the lost city, whose beauty was unequalled but which vanished in a day.
Mythologised for its abundance of beautiful temples, embellished palaces, harbours and luscious vegetation, the Atlantis of this exhibition has been carved out of plastic food containers, whose discarded remains may be found at the bottom of many of our rivers and seas, forming their own kinds of horrific waste cities or constructions themselves. The Atlantis installation will be accompanied by large-scale photographs on the surrounding walls exploring this enchanting and uncanny city of plastic.
The Richard Young Gallery was founded to exhibit photography and fine art that employ a contemporary creative vision. In May the Richard Young Gallery is pleased to present Warholesque?, an exhibition that invites contemporary artists to intervene and respond to unseen photographs of Andy Warhol at his inaugural exhibition at the ICA in London in 1978. The Brompton Design District is launching an experimental fringe garden festival called Brompton Borders to coincide with the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Brompton Borders will involve broad spectrum of partners: artists, gardeners, museums, restaurants and shops to develop a holistic profile for the area.
Analogies between art and gardening are manifold; a gardener's sense of colour, arrangement and symmetry are artistic qualities before they are technical or scientific.
By asking artists to respond to the notion of the garden and employing the same approaches practiced by Jekyll; exploring poetry in colour and form, we are animating the secret spaces and borders of the South Kensington area that inspired her in the first place. Arts Council West Midlands, in partnership with Birmingham City Council, Business Link West Midlands and Arts & Business, for the second year running has commissioned Arts Co to build a programme of activities to highlight the excellent and vibrant visual arts activity in the West Midlands. Art of Ideas II will comprise discussion events and networking opportunities, as well as a chance for people interested in the visual arts to see a variety of work through a special tours and events programme throughout July 2009. Throughout 2007 and 2008, Arts Co worked for Adventure Ecology, David de Rothschild’s environmental company, to build an artistic programme of exhibitions with the aim of creating debate around environmental issues. Everything Everywhere will not be guaranteed sub-1GHz spectrum when the much-hyped and twice-delayed 4G auction takes place later this year, Ofcom confirmed today.
However, following a consultation in March 2011, Ofcom has concluded Everything Everywhere would not need the extra 800MHz to provide quality 4G services.
This is a crucial step in preparing for the most significant spectrum release in the UK for many years. One provider will be guaranteed 800MHz spectrum, but Everything Everywhere, O2 and Vodafone will not be legible. Ofcom told IT Pro it expects to make an announcement on how 900MHz 1800MHz could be used for LTE connectivity. Everything Everywhere, which is due to sell off some of its current spectrum due to Orange and T-Mobile merger conditions, hasn't taken the news well. Call it art brut, self-taught, outsider art, what you will, these names mean very little and they rarely do justice to the astonishing range of private and personal imagery, made often by those in the most difficult of circumstances. Their ingenious creations will be on display at From Now To Eternity, an exhibition launching during the 2008 London Design Festival and continuing through Frieze Art Fair, at the Biscuit Building in London’s East End. As part of this Adventure Ecology aimed to take internationally acclaimed artists and creative thinkers to fragile ecosystems asking them to ARTiculate or respond to what they found, to create debate amongst a wider public. Along with the founder of Adventure Ecology, David de Rothschild, and National Geographic ethno-botanist, Maria Fadiman, this multidisciplinary team spent time with the remote Achaur community on the border of Ecuador and Peru.
Morgan is fascinated by the effect of the natural world upon us and equally fascinated by our impact upon it.

A graduate of Central Saint Martins, Chong Kwan has been involved in exhibitions both in the UK and internationally and last year unveiled her permanent installation for London Underground, Journey to the Centre of the Earth. With premonitions of our rising water levels, questions surround whether we are creating or living in the Atlantis of the future. Without the use of makeup artists, special lighting or trick photography, Young has captured a variety of people including Elizabeth Taylor, Fidel Castro, Bill Clinton, the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, and Andy Warhol. Works by young and established artists and photographers will be curated across the space across the year. Brompton Borders celebrates a contemporary vision of urban nature by opening hidden green spaces in an area of London renowned for its historic parks, gardens and squares.
By encouraging partners to think about outdoor spaces, the Brompton Design District will encourage experimentation within the comparatively conventional arena of garden design through cross fertilisation with arts and design. When a gardener looks at a pat of annuals as if they were a palette of paint, or at a muddy spade as if a dripping paintbrush, they are stepping on to the path of Gertrude Jekyll, one of the best-loved gardeners of English landscape history. Instead, it looks likely Hutchison 3G UK-owned operator 3 will be certain to get a sub-1Ghz allowance.
This seemingly untouched territory was in stark contrast to the damage the team witnessed in the North where international oil companies have drilled the vast oil reserves and disturbed the natural order. Morgan’s rather particular choice of familiar if not mundane materials from nature, juxtaposed with man-made objects, creates tensions that highlight the clash with our environment or reflects the distance between the two.
Influenced by the Arts and Craft movement, she was renowned for her sympathetic approach to the relationship between the house and its surroundings.
The devastation of majestic forests, some of which are 400 years old, and the disruption of its residents’ culture and health, are just some of scars left behind.
The works are made up of thousands of suspended objects that have been collected from East London parks. Held in the East Room Gallery, EC2, the exhibition was well received and will be followed up by private and public commissions.

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