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I just cant believe it i took for hell of it cuz i woke up with heartburn n headache 2 days in a row.. I used dollar general test 1$ lol I tested one week before my period was due just had a wired feeling. The 88c test showed up for me at 9dpo then I used another on 10dpo during the day and both were positive. Ask most 3-year-olds how old they are and they'll proudly raise the correct number of fingers. This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only.

Ive been dieting and working out lost 20 pounds in a month so my last period was i think the 24th of july? I got my first bfp on it on 13dpo( I didn't test before that so not sure how early it would have picked a positive), after getting a positive on it twice I used frer and got a positive on it too!
You can pick up a shadow where the line should be but if it actually had color chances are its positive. I was at walmart grabbed their tests and for hell of it did one last night After maybe an hours hold.. Was positive, not very faint either i brushed it off as evap ive NEVER gotten positive 7 days before af is due usually a week after i miss af.

Took another test 45 min later saw nothing at first but there is a pink line by 10 min was lighter then this mornings 1st test but darker then last nights.

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