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Looking for a step by step guide that will help you get pregnant, naturally without turning to drugs?
If you start feeling sensitive with your breasts, most especially to your areola, this just means that the progesterone hormone (the hormone for womanhood) is preparing your mammary glands for your upcoming baby to feed and give him nourishment. This occurs a week following the implantation of the fertilized egg into the walls of the uterus. There are times that spotting is adjunct to a mild cramping sensation located at the lower abdomen.
Before missing your period, you might have noticed that your core body temperature will be increased; you will become hotter as the day passes by. Because of the increasing progesterone hormone (the one responsible for preparing the uterus or the womb where the baby will grow), your body will tend to be tired and your energy will be drained out.

The sudden, dramatic changes in your bodily also tend to alter your appetite, it depends on how you will adapt to it. Do you want a step by step guide that will help you get pregnant, even if you thought you were infertile? Conversely, for those loving couples who are looking forward to settle and have a family, eager to observe the possible signs and symptoms that indicate that a woman is conceiving a child and verifying it may all seem too nerve wracking.
The characteristics of the blood are well differentiated from the regular menstruation as it would appear lighter (more like pinkish to brownish) and scarce in amount.
This may be the cause of the hormonal changes brought about by the growing fetus inside your womb. The difference with non-pregnant women is that after their ovulation period, their temperature drops unlike with those with gestating women whose temperatures are constantly high.

Your sense of smell is affected, some smell may make you feel nauseous without knowing why, and that’s purely because of the hormones. The uterus or the womb where your precious baby is growing, compresses the urinary bladder where your urine is formed. Moreover, some pregnancy tests are crafted in a way that will require you to wait until your scheduled menstruation to pass before you test yourself. Fortunately, if you and your partner are so eager to have a baby, there are still manifestations to look out for those are indicative of child-bearing.

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