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With my first pregnancy, I don’t remember feeling any symptoms until well after I took the pregnancy test. So, with us currently in the process of trying to conceive, I began to wonder if I will experience different symptoms when I get pregnant this second time.
Now, the funny thing is that most of those are also PMS symptoms you could feel if your period is on its way and you’re not pregnant. I asked around to see what other moms had to say about early pregnancy symptoms they experienced. With me snooping around and asking about symptoms of pregnancy, some of you asked if I was pregnant! It's funny the second time I got pg, I never even considered I might be pg and never took a test until I was over 8 weeks.
During that time, Janice had found out she was pg on the first day of her missed period and she was lamenting about how sick SHE felt!

My pregnancy with my girls, I was nauseous all the time, although I believe that I only threw up 3 times the whole pregnancy.
The very first time I got pg, I had implantation spotting and HORRIBLE cramps that bent me over in pain it was so bad. I did not really have morning sickness – some nausea, but never vomiting (throughout the entire pregnancy).
If you didn’t already share with me some of your early pregnancy symptoms, leave your experience in the comments below. In fact, I chalked up the late period to stress at work and excitement over getting married.
Luckily, I wasn’t using the bathroom that much at night, but I did have some pretty bad heartburn.
I’m sure many women (me included) are dying to know if you felt symptoms before you took the pregnancy test!

First pregnancy was relatively easy – no vomiting, slight nausea, and some pain of course, but overall? I used to be CL on an iVillage TTC board, so I felt that i knew WAY too much on telling folks how to get pg.
I had another baby girl a couple years later and pregnancy was much different (thank god!).
With my second pregnancy we were trying to get pregnant so I paid more attention to my cycle and as soon as my period was late a couple days I knew I was pregnant.
The second time the first symptom I noticed was my bowels slowing down and me being a little bloated.

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