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KALPATARU AYURVEDA CHIKITSALAYA -  Mission and VisionMission "Providing Excellent Medical Treatment, by a team of dedicated staff and creating a premier, patient focused and integrated health care delivery system and achieving highest degree of patient satisfaction."Vision"The aim of the Hospital is to provide comprehensive health Care to every section of society through personalized care by highly competent professionals. A kidney stone is a solid piece of material that is stuck in the kidney originating from the substances in the urine. Location – surprisingly, there are places in southern United States wherein they call it the “stone belts” because people living in that are prone to having renal stones. Medications – there are medications that can trigger renal stone formation like taking huge amounts of vitamins A and D. Underlying conditions – patient’s with Crohn’s disease can cause renal stone formation as well as hyperparathyroidism, medullary sponge kidney, and other conditions involving the urinary tract. Diet – if a person is fond of taking food with too many preservatives such as junk foods or foods high in uric acid, renal formations can likely happen.
Burning sensation when urinating is one of the most common symptoms because the kidney stone obstructs the ureters making the urine difficult to flow and some nerve endings are compressed when urinating. It is believed that kidney stones in children are rare however there have been studies that the incidence is getting higher wherein children have kidney stones. The kidney stones symptoms in children are similar with the same the adults however the symptoms may be harder to understand because of the behavior of children. Kidney stones symptoms in men are much the same as in women which includes severe pain in the renal area which is also known as renal colic.  Sometimes, in severe cases the pain can radiate from the back to the groin and even in the genitals. For women, kidney stones can be very painful that they associate the pain in childbirth pains. Kidney symptoms in pregnant women are the same as the signs and symptoms felt by non-pregnant women.

Drugs can be given to control for pain since it is the main goal when brought to the emergency room. Anti-emetic drugs are also prescribed since vomiting is felt like Ondansetron, Promethazine.
They say prevention is always better than cure, so it is very important to keep the body hydrated. If the patient has a high uric acid, it always better to avoid meat since when metabolized, it can be broken down to uric acid. It will remain our constant Endeavour to improve the quality of our service to make it better and still better. Most of the kidney stones can be eliminated by urine but sometimes, these kidney stones become bigger and gets stuck in the urinary tract, block the urine and can cause great pain. Some families may be predisposed to having high levels of calcium deposited in the urine which can cause kidney stones.
Also, places with hot climates and water are scarce made the people become at risk with the problem.
When fluid intake is low, the urine becomes too concentrated and this can cause renal stones formation or form the nidus.
This is because men have larger muscle mass and the breakdown of this can result to a high metabolic waste which can be a factor in stone formation. There are many reasons for this such as the variety of vitamins and minerals when taking during pregnancy. Stones will break up by the use of this procedure because the shock waves vibrate the stones and the surroundings causing it to break up.

Cirprofloxacin, a systemic antibiotic of the flouroquinolone class can cause kidney stones. Also, the increasing size of the uterus impedes the urine flow cause renal stones formation. Kidney stones usually attack in the evening or early morning so it is not surprising why pain is felt during that time. Providing traditional treatment methods of Ayurveda without any compromise, at the same time arranging a calm & quite atmosphere and friendly staff. Sometimes, some other hereditary diseases can also cause kidney stones like renal tubular acidosis. Bleeding or cloudy urines and even strong urine smell can also be seen when urinating.  Women however have higher threshold than men because women are capable of giving birth wherein the pain is very intense.
So that the ayurvedic approach of treating the tripod of body, mind and soul together is achieved.
To create a patient friendly atmosphere with the help of highly qualified Doctors and dedicated staff.
Yogeshwar Pawale, M.D (Ayurveda) is a rank holder from Prestigious Govt Ayurveda College affiliated"The aim of the Hospital is to provide comprehensive health Care to every section of society through personalized care by highly competent professionals. Yogeshwar Pawale established the Kalpataru Ayurveda Chikitasalay, Hadapsar, Pune and Kalpataru Ayurveda Super Speciality hospital in eastern part of pune city, which treat thousands of patients every year from all over the world. Dr.

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