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Subscribe to our weekly celebrity newsletter and receive the week's trending celebrity photos and wallpapers. Kern County Public Health Servicesa€™ Nurse-Family Partnership program is based on a nationally recognized model designed to help new mothers develop skills to take better care of themselves and their babies. But first-time mothers living in this region have a fortunate resource: the Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) program administered by Kern County Public Health Services (KCPHS) in Bakersfield.
Each woman served by NFP is partnered with one of two registered nurses who make in-home visits for an hour or longer on a weekly or every-other-week basis during the pregnancy and until the child is 21 months old.
Nurses answer questions and teach the women how to take better care of themselves during pregnancy by improving their diet and eliminating unhealthful habits.
After the baby is born, the mothera€™s well-being continues to be a prime focus a€” along with that of the childa€™s.
A three-year, $300,000 core operating support grant from TCWF in September 2008 has enabled Kern County Public Health Services to provide this intensive program to 24 new mothers throughout the sparsely populated desert communities of Eastern Kern County. Referrals come from physicians, public health clinics, schools, family resource centers and Kerna€™s human services department.

Janet Goon, NFP public health nursing supervisor for KCPHS notes that women who enter the program generally complete it.
At the emotional NFP graduation ceremony for the mothers and their families, the women are emphatic about the importance of their relationship with the nurse a€” their lifeline to information, guidance and referrals. Fun Finds for Kids Christina Walter 9 June, 2016 Accidents: The Biggest Killer of Children! All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only. For women living in rural areas of Kern County a€” a region characterized by high poverty rates, poor maternal and child health outcomes, and limited access to care a€” the challenges can be overwhelming. Support also includes help in locating a physician for prenatal care and referrals to relevant services such as smoking cessation and childbirth classes.
In addition to demonstrating activities that encourage healthy child development, the nurse discusses issues such as sleep deprivation and postpartum depression. Theya€™ll make late afternoon and early evening visits to allow clients to stay in the program.

To be eligible for NFP, which is voluntary, a woman must be a first-time mother whose pregnancy is past the first trimester but not more than 28 weeks along.
The nearest doctor who accepts Medi-Cal is oftentimes many miles away, and transportation may be unavailable. Most have no idea of parenting skills.a€? Pyke added that many of the mothers she visits have backgrounds of drug use and domestic violence but are in the program because they want to break that cycle. Then the nurse continues regular, consistent visitations with the family until the childa€™s second birthday. My Baba 8 June, 2016 Fireman Sam’s Top Ten Summer Safety Tips for Kids My Baba 6 June, 2016 WIN!

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