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So this method is no more than a holdover of the medical past, though it is still used by most doctors in the United States for determining how many weeks pregnant their patients are. The new system of pregnancy dating starts counting with the day of ovulation, which usually coincides with the day of conception.
The due date in both systems is the same, and the difference between them lies in the way of calculating how long a woman has been pregnant.
Now you understand why it is important to know what system your doctor use to calculate how many weeks you are pregnant. During the first trimester the female body has to stand multiple hormonal changes, which can be very difficult.
The third trimester may be a nervous period, because the woman starts thinking about future labor pain. On every stage of pregnancy a woman should consult her doctor regularly and follow her medical advices. Ovulation – the process in a woman’s menstrual cycle during which a mature Graafian follicle raptures and sets off an ovum.

Trimester – a period of three months, which is commonly used to divide pregnancy into sections.
Figure 8–5b Estimation of the anteroposterior diameter of the outlet, which extends from the lower border of the symphysis pubis to the tip of the sacrum. Figure 8–5 c & d Methods that may be used to check the manual estimation of anteroposterior measurements. NEUROHORMONAL BASIS OF THE FRC CNS --- HYPOTHALMUS RELEASES ----GnRF (FSHRH & LHRH) ------CAUSES ANTERIOR PITUITARY TO RELEASE FSH & LH -- -- STIMULATES GONADS TO SECRETE HORMONES (ESTROGEN & PROGESTERONE) In males, LH induces secretion of testosterone. The common symptoms of this period are mood swing, nausea, change in taste, vomiting tendency, tiredness, dizziness, etc.
EARLY DEVELOPMENT Male & Female organs –produce sex cells –transport for union Sex Differentiation at 8 weeks of life. False pelvis is shallow cavity above the inlet; true pelvis is deeper portion of cavity below the inlet. Estimation of the diagonal conjugate, which extends from the lower border of the symphysis pubis to the sacral promontory.

Doctors just knew that pregnancy lasts about forty weeks if counted from the first day of the menstrual period. The frequent symptoms of the third stage of pregnancy are indigestion, constipation, heartburn, etc.
Some doctors date pregnancy from the first day of the woman’s last menstrual period, others start counting from the day of conception (ovulation1). In fact, this approach implies that conception occurs only after two weeks of pregnancy, which is ridiculous, of course.

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