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Step 1: Open testerOn the side above the display, there is a notch you can use to open the tester. Step 4: Finished!If you need more test sticks, I believe the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor test sticks work in the OPK testers. Clearblue easy sells a well-reviewed ovulation prediction kit (OPK) that essentially reads an ovulation strip and digitally tells the user whether or not she is in her fertile window. I also bought another pack for this month so I'd have two testers (one new and one reset) to make sure everything is working as it should.
Final note: while Clearblue does not sell refill packs of the test sticks, the test sticks for the Fertility Monitor seem to fit inside the OPK testers.

At $30-$40 for a pack of 20 tests ($25-$35 for a pack of 7 tests), they aren't the cheapest option out there.
You open and insert a test stick into the reader each day and test your urine, and then wait for the digital read out that comes in the form a smiley face or an empty circle. I thought we could use it again next month with the same tester and the other 18 test sticks, but everything I read online seemed to say we'd have to buy a new pack. This month we've just been using the test sticks from the OPK boxes, and if we go again next month, I'll be giving the fertility monitor test sticks a try. I didn't want the results from last month to affect the reader this month, so I popped out the batteries and put them back in to hopefully reset any counter or memory in the reader.

Alternatively, if you can make sense of the technical document for the Holtek chip, likewise, we'd love to know!

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