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WITH eight out of every 10 black women being affected by fibroids, there is no doubt that it is one of the most prevalent health problems today. Fibroids are abnormal growths made up of muscle tissue and fibres, which can be found in or around the uterus of a female. Although very common, there is still no conclusive information that points to what exactly causes fibroids. However, the symptoms are easier to spot, and they include menstrual dysfunctionality where a woman’s period is either irregular or comes too often with heavy, painful bleeding, and having difficulty getting pregnant.
Dr Knight said women also tend to get a high tummy and can even faint due to the low levels of haemoglobin. According to Dr Knight, a simple ultrasound can determine the number and sizes of the fibroids present and a treatment plan put in place. Other options include injecting the fibroids and having them dissolve in addition to other natural treatments, but Dr Knight maintained that the most effective way is doing the myomectomy, which is taking the fibroids out surgically.
She said even though there is a high chance that fibroids will come back after they have been removed, women should ensure that they keep themselves generally healthy. The type of treatment you will have depends on their number, size, location, and rate of growth.

Obesity is a big problem and puts you at risk for fibroids, frequent processing of your hair puts you at high risk for fibroids, research shows that, but there is no definitive cause yet,” general and anti-ageing practitioner Dr Sandra Knight explained. In some cases it makes the relationship stronger, but for others it has the opposite effect.
This fact means a huge step for women who want to become a mother and do not have their own uterus, a hopeful advance in this field.
Your treatment decision also depends on the severity of your symptoms and whether or not you plan to have children in the future. After your medical evaluation, your health care provider will be able to discuss with you the best options to solve your particular problem and meet your needs. In the near future, more women with uterus transplantation would be able to hold a whole pregnancy. Often, the first noticeable sign of MRKH syndrome is that menstruation does not begin by age 16 (primary amenorrhea). Women with MRKH syndrome have a female chromosome pattern (46,XX) and normally functioning ovaries. They also have normal female external genitalia and normal breast and pubic hair development.

Although women with this condition are usually unable to carry a pregnancy, they may be able to have children through assisted reproduction in a future. However, larger fibroids can press against the pelvic organs and may cause bleeding, pain during sex, anaemia, pelvic pain or bladder pressure. The condition may lead to urinary incontinence, pelvic pressure or difficulty with bowel movements. Childbirth, obesity, persistent cough or straining, and hormonal changes (loss of oestrogen after menopause) are typical causes.
Related symptoms may include heavy or long periods, bleeding between periods or bleeding after menopause. For a lot of women, getting pregnant is a biological need and having a problem that compromises their fertility (which can be not having uterus) can be an important source of psychological problems.

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