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Category: All about MomThis section is for you, because you are more than just a partner or parent, you are a woman.
A more positive Jessy Lipperts shares her life with us on her journey to adoption You can imagine that I get a LOT of questions when people find out that I’m in the process of adopting a baby.
I am one of the ‘lucky’ few to live in area that has a play centre that is both a creche and a play place, at the same time. Angie Holst Last week as I half listened to the tedious cricket commentary, I noted that Mark Taylor said he would have to tape an episode of “Alcatraz” because it was on so late at night.
BY Vanessa Raphaely In their annual “The Body Issue,” Vogue US ran a piece by “Manhattan Socialite” Dara-Lynn Weiss, on how she “encouraged” her 7 year-old daughter to lose 16lbs in one year after being told by a paediatrician that she was clinically obese. BY JESSY LIPPERTS On Human Rights Day I was invited to be a guest on The Taxi Radio Show with Rolene Sher.

I spend the entire weekend whining like a baby about my jelly thighs and flabby tummy, all the while stuffing my face with any morsel of junk that dared step in my way.
BY KATIE DIMOND This is an important community announcement for anyone who may come into contact with a new mother.
GrabCar driver stops in dark street, passenger gets paranoid - what happened next was amazing! Taxi driver asked extra 50 pesos, passenger refused, what the arrogant driver did next will make you mad!
Many play places will cater as playgroups or creches but do not open to the public at the same time. Motherhood was my true north, my guiding light throughout my teens and my 20s, the thing I knew I was destined to do and that I would be really good at.

Mommy Matters is looking to showcase some of South Africa’s best blogging talent, right here on MM. Girlfriends had already planned a weekend away on the West Coast and it was great that I could still join.
There will be many questions you enthusiastically want answered, but please be aware, some are a tad irritating and should be given a wide berth.

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