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Share this:During pregnancy it is recommended to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables to contribute to the health of the pregnant woman. At all stages of life, fruits and vegetables are the most important part of a healthy balanced diet. On the other hand, increase the intake of fruits and vegetables during pregnancy helps prevent constipation own of this biological stage at the same time giving satiety and help to prevent an increase in excessive weight during pregnancy. It is important to remember that what the mother commemorative during pregnancy has an impact on the future health of the baby.

While going through a pregnancy will always be worth all the effort and pain when you look at your child’s face after the delivery, the months of pain and discomfort that a mother experiences is almost unimaginable for any man. Your dietary intake during the entire pregnancy is of prime importance because it helps generate the required.
But during pregnancy, fruits and vegetables provide coverage of the daily quota of different micro-nutrients, especially vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium and magnesium. Therefore, nothing better that to consume more fruits and vegetables to nourish healthy to the unborn baby and beneficial for your long-term health.

But in addition, also help to consume more water, which prevents discomfort of pregnancy such as poor blood circulation and fluid retention.

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