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The thing to realize about Galilee at this time is that it was considered to be an unsophisticated backwater and political hotbed. Mary, an unknown young lady going about her life in a most unspectacular fashion, was chosen by God to conceive and later bear the Son of God.
These are characteristics that, to the society of that day, would make her seem unusable by God for any major task. He describes Zechariah as being “shaken and overwhelmed with fear” when he comes face to face with Gabriel. Although she questions Gabriel, it is not a question of doubt, yet a question of logistics and methods.

Yet the most impressive thing about the event is how Mary accepted the news with grace and supplication. He actually had a much larger assignment yet to perform – an event that would become, through art and sacraments, one of the most depicted events of the Bible. Just as John the Baptist would run contrary to the priestly cult dominatingTempleworship, this particularly ordinary child was chosen for one of the most important acts of obedience God has ever demanded on anyone. Despite her ordinary background and the unfavorable opinions of her home, she was a descendant of King David. Although she is given the honor of mothering the Messiah, the event would naturally lead to pain and ridicule.

Here, the victory of salvation is being delivered against all odds, like a virgin conceiving. We consent to what is revealed to us, not because it makes sense, but because we trust the revealer.

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