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Last week on Wisteria Lane: The girls realised what went wrong with Bree, but Bree refused their help. Lynette had a second chance with Frank, it went well this time, actually, the third time went well.
Susan discovers the identity of the father of Julie's baby, and Orson makes it his duty to nurse Bree back to health.
The exciting Desperate Housewives starts at later time 10pm tonight (most likely at 10.12pm) on Seven tonight after Grey's Anatomy. Juanita is bummed when she doesn't get a Valentine's card from a boy she likes, so Gaby creates a fake one from him. When Susan, Lynette and Gaby learn that Bree is drinking again, they stage an intervention. At Crimson Lights, Billy (Burgess Jenkins) will see Chelsea and Connor (Michael and Nolan Webb). Both families will begin to argue and Victor will finally declare that the merger contract says this has to be decided by blind bids. Other “Young and the Restless” spoilers reveal that Mariah (Camryn Grimes) will urge Sharon (Sharon Case) to be honest with Dylan (Steve Burton).
Sage (Kelly Sullivan) will have a chat with Marisa (Sofia Pernas) and express her concerns about the Adam situation. Voice your opinion in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for the latest “Young and the Restless” spoilers, rumors, updates and news.
The Young and the Restless Spoilers October 30: Joe Clark’s Revenge is Dylan’s Coffee Shop Trouble – Is Stitch Innocent? The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Tobias Is The Surprise Guest, Exposes Victor – Summer and Kyle Think He’s Cabin Killer? Is 'baby addicted' Katie Price desperate to get pregnant, but being forced to wait by Kieran Hayler? Katie is already mum to son Harvey, 13, Junior, 10, Princess, eight, Jett, two, and Bunny, one and husband Kieran is reportedly keen to wait before expanding their family.

Not that it sounds like he has much influence as according to the report Katie has put her foot down and told him a baby is the top priority. Last week the star appeared to have a slightly rounder stomach as she left the ITV Studios in London after an appearance on Loose Women and on Friday night distracted from her midsection in a boob-flashing black gown at the LGBT Awards. Julie was 6-month pregnant, and to Susan's disapproval, Julie wanted to give up the baby for adoption.
When Mrs McCluskey throws Roy out of the house, Gaby takes him in and is reluctant to help get them back together when he proves to be an invaluable disciplinarian to her kids. Susan's long list of mother-daughter activities for the two of them gets ditched the moment she sees that Julie is six months pregnant. She's had sex with so many men that she doesn't even recognize a guy she'd already slept with. I apologise for inconvenience.)Please enter the number displayed below OR login with your TypeKey. Abby will believe Ashley is trying to push her away from Victor (Eric Braeden) and she won’t like it one bit. Chelsea and Adam will look at the bids in private and try to determine what Victor’s game is. After getting used to her alone time, Lynette is furious when Porter and Preston are evicted from their apartment and try to move back home.
This little faux pas leads Lynette to lure Frank up to her bedroom at the start of their next date. A short time later, Gaby is called to the principal's office to be lectured on the school's zero-tolerance policy for sexual harassment. Then she starts telling tales of how her daughter has a history of mental illness to go along with all the times she was in jail. Bree says, "Orson, I've made such a mess of my life." This doesn't sound like a problem to her former hubby. Meanwhile, Adam (Justin Hartley) will tell Jack (Peter Bergman) that Chelsea’s line needs to stay at Jabot.

Sharon will make up an excuse about taking the day off and Dylan will remind her that she should do whatever is best for the baby. Later, Sharon will show up at Crimson Lights and lock the door once she realizes all the customers are gone. At The Dive Bar, Noah (Robert Adamson) and Summer (Hunter King) will lament the loss of their old loves and celebrate their new ones.
Susan blames herself partially since she liked to drink lots of wine while she was pregnant.
A mystery figure is still spying on her from the inside of a car as she continues her downward spiral.
Back at Newman Enterprises, Nick (Joshua Morrow) will encourage Victor to let Chelsea’s line stay with the Abbotts while Abby backs up the Newmans.
Chelsea will snap that she’ll just start her own line in Paris, but Victor will assure her that’s not going to happen. When he’s gone, Sharon will want Mariah to promise not to say anything to Dylan about her miscarriage. After the two of them have a little chat, Gaby brings her daughter to the rehab facility to visit her dad. Mother and daughter have a heart-to-heart, but Julie still wants to stick with her decision to give up her baby. Lynette, Susan and Gaby promise they are there for her now, but Bree isn't hearing any of it. Adam will assure Jack that he won’t risk exposing his true identity, but he wants to make sure Victor doesn’t win this time. Y&R rumors hint that the war between the Abbotts and the Newmans is really about to heat up.

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