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So if you have a fun-loving, super-hero acting boy this is an adorable way to announce the coming of a second child.
7.  Now use the box around the font to stretch and arrange the font you created to fit perfectly in the white banner. Now you can upload it to your favorite photo printing place and get it printed out.  Then pop it in a frame and enjoy your photo shoot. Look at that little tongue sticking out!  Isn’t my cousin adorable?  I am hoping for Wonder Woman or Cat Woman to be the sidekick in October.
This is an example of a widgeted area that you can place text to describe a particular product or service. If a picture paints a thousand words, then what better way to announce your pregnancy to the wider world than with an artfully staged photograph?
There is no end to the number of creative ways you can use photography to announce your pregnancy.
One way to do this is to take a shoe-level picture of mom, dad, and baby … and since baby’s not here yet, you’ll just see a picture of tiny, empty shoes next to mom’s and dad’s shoes, maybe with a “Coming soon!” sign or the due date written on the sidewalk in chalk. If you’re a foodie or love to entertain, you might want to use food to creatively announce your pregnancy to friends and family … or maybe just to your spouse.
You can use your positive pregnancy test itself as a creative, yet relatively simple, way to announce that you’re pregnant without actually saying the words. Photographs from an ultrasound test are another type of “proof” that you can use to broadcast the news that you’re pregnant. T-shirts are a cute and creative way to announce that you’re with child, either to the father or to friends and relatives. If you express yourself better in words than in pictures or gestures, you may wish to announce the good news in writing.

Southern California native and resident (yes, I am a vegetarian and no, it never, ever rains here). However, I love how creative women have gotten with announcing pregnancies, revealing the gender of their babies, decorating for baby showers and even nursery decor.  I think there is nothing more magical and amazing then bringing a child into this world. You can also use other WordPress widgets such as recent posts, recent comments, a tag cloud or more.
But rather than just blurting out the words you so long to share, you’d rather take a more creative approach. Pictures are also great because they can be shared digitally via social media and kept as keepsakes. A quirkier take on this creative photo announcement idea is, if both mom and dad wear glasses, have a picture with mom and dad in the background and in the foreground, mom’s glasses, dad’s glasses, and a pair of baby-sized glasses. You might break some cookies trying to do this, so make sure you have enough cookies for a few mess-ups. For instance, you might gift-wrap the test and give it to the dad, or you can take a picture of the test and share it digitally with friends and family. Share the ultrasound picture online with a cute caption (“Do you think he looks more like me or like Rick?”), or frame the photograph in a frame that says, “I love my grandson” and give it to your mom. For example, you can design a shirt for yourself picturing a bun in an oven, with a timer that has the digits of the baby’s due date.
If you already have a child, make your little girl a shirt that says, “I’m going to be a big sister!” and see how Grandma and Grandpa react when you pay them a family visit. Ask yourself beforehand if you think the person will “get” your creative method of delivering the news or if you might have to explain it (thus defeating the purpose). Although many couples choose to wait to break the news until 12 weeks when the risk of miscarriage is drastically reduced, you might want to tell some select people you’re very close to, for example, your mother, your best friend, and of course, the baby’s father, sooner.

Check out these five creative ways to tell your friends, family, and significant other that you’re expecting. Pregnancy photography is growing in popularity, with many couples choosing to hire a professional photographer to help them announce their news to friends online. Again, you can use this method to tell a group of people who are dining, or just the daddy. Another cute way to tell your partner, especially if you’ve been experiencing morning sickness, is to say that you’re not feeling well and that you’re going to take your temperature.
You could even just make a shirt with the words “Baby on board” or “Pea in my pod” and an arrow pointing to your belly. For a first baby, you can make shirts for other family members that describe their new roles – for example, give your sister a shirt that says, “Auntie” and watch her face light up after she unwraps her gift. It helps to have at least one or two people who can provide emotional support in early pregnancy. After a couple minutes, give him the “thermometer” (which is actually the positive pregnancy test) and ask him to read it for you.
Then wear the shirt to a family gathering or have it on when your guy gets home (ask him if he notices anything different about you if he fails to notice what you’re wearing).

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