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HCG is produced at least in small quantities from the moment of conception, so why can't you get a positive result on a pregnancy test right away? If you think you are pregnant and received negative pregnancy test results, the best thing to do is wait a week and retest either with a home pregnancy test or a follow up blood test. With the alarming (and climbing) rate of childhood obesity in the United States, it's more important than ever that parents model healthy behaviors for their children. Your picky eater is all yours, so you love him, of course, but do you ever have those days where you think about how much easier life would be with a kid who just loved to try new foods? Although they are very precise and more sensitive than urine tests, they still require one thing - HCG to be present in the women's blood stream.

In order to get a positive pregnancy test, blood or urine, HCG has to be present in the woman's blood stream. Some women may notice slight bleeding, known as implantation bleeding, around the time that the egg implants. If you miscalculated your ovulation date by even a few days, you could be testing too early and get a negative test result. Even with the most sensitive blood test, it is still possible to be pregnant with a negative test. Once the egg implants it burrows into the woman's uterus connecting the baby directly to the woman's blood stream.

Until implantation occurs, your developing baby, the fertilized egg is not directly connected to your blood stream. Only when implantation occurs will their be enough HCG present in your blood stream to confirm pregnancy.

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