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Meditation has become a popular choice of preconception preparedness for hopeful moms-to-be. Research has shown stress can be a leading cause of infertility and can interfere with, or even block, ovulation. Meditation also helps relieve depression and anxiety, which are also linked to infertility.

While the process happens very quickly for some, it can seem like an eternity, or even a losing battle, especially for women over 35.
Stress produces prolactin, cortisol, and other hormones that may make achieving pregnancy difficult.
The hypothalamus gland is responsible for the production of reproductive hormones, and when a woman is depressed or anxious, this gland is adversely affected.
With infertility on the rise the past 25 years, it is important for women trying to conceive to do everything possible to generate a successful birth. The mind-over-body practice of meditation can alleviate stressors, thus increasing the possibility of becoming pregnant.

During meditation, the body can let go of tense, shallow breathing and focus on purposeful breathing instead, which, in turn, enriches the blood with oxygen, revives cells, and releases tensions and toxins alike. Meditation stimulates the parasympathetic system—the system within the brain that produces feelings of calmness.

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