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She is so tiny her clothes are a little baggy especially her hat, Ive tucked it in to keep her warm.
You can see Seren's work in progress photos on facebook, look for MiniMunchkins Nurseries Zoe Burtenshaw. Please read my returns policy before bidding, you must agree to the terms before I will post this baby. 1   You must contact me with in 48hours upon receipt of your baby ( please remember this baby is tracked and I will know the exact time of arrival). 5  You must have fully read these terms and conditions and agree to them before the baby can be posted to you.
Hello and welcome to MiniMunchkins hand made OOAK sculpts collection, Leo from Conception to Birth series an 8 piece set. December 31, 2013 by Shirley Whitfield 4 Comments There are various ways used to predict the gender of the unborn baby such as applying the heartbeat theory, using the wedding ring or checking whether our fetus is low or high. In China, though the rights of women have been dramatically improved across many past generations, there have been still basic differences in the capabilities and potential of men and women.
Even when we look at The Yin-Yang symbol, we can find it easy to realize that it also symbolizes the male as bright, aggressive and dominant while the female as yielding and dark. This chart is supposed to be over more than seven centuries old, and developed by the scholar in the Song Dynasty. To make sure that this predictor will provide us with the accurate result, the mother’s age at the conception and the month when a baby is conceived need to be calculated depending on the Chinese lunar calendar, not the Western calendar.
If she was born between January 1st and February 20th (including these dates), don’t forget to use her current age.
If she was born between February 21st and December 31st (including these dates), don’t hesitate to add 1 year to her current age.

In brief, although this chart has got special attention from lots of the parents around the world, we just apply it for fun and entertainment.
This means if you simply do not fall in love with your baby that is OK and you CAN return the baby, please do not damage this baby in hope to return it as this will not be accepted and returns will be denied. Should you honestly experience postal damage please ask the delivery person for proof of this before signing. Should these not be acceptable to you in any way then a full refund including the postage can be offered now before the baby is posted.
I have hand sculpted each of them from polymer clay without using any molds, then painted them with GHSP, the 17" baby has a specially hand made doe suede body that I have filled with heavy virgin fiber fillers. One of the most ancient and popular methods is use Chinese Gender Predictor Chart or Chinese Gender Calendar.
In addition, the demand for the male heir is the obvious evidence not only in the East, but also Western Europe.
The M (B) means that we will welcome a cute boy while the F (G) indicates that we will expect a lovely girl.
Some online web tool will aid us in determining the Chinese lunar calendar age of the pregnant woman. One of the best methods of knowing the sex of the unborn baby is to use Ultra Sound when our fetus is up to 16 weeks. In general, to be known as the patriarchal society, most of the Chinese families like to have the boys, rather than the girls.
With these old opinions, it is not totally surprising why the Chinese Gender chart is very popular and widely used. These days, the original copy of the document is placed in the Beijing Electronic Science and Technology Institute.

During pregnancy, try to consume lots of foods rich in Vitamin and some ingredients that are best for a pregnant woman.
The Most Accurate Chinese Gender CalendarIt is really an unforgettable moment to know that we have a new addition to our family soon.
Then if I am happy the baby is as perfect as when sold then I will return you the full amount of the baby's cost but not the postage paid      when purchasing. 17" Leo has hand painted 3d hair, veins, capillaries, mottled skin all over with a super smooth matt finish to him.
Therefore, that is one of the main reasons why this chart has been commonly used by lots of the couples in China and other countries around the world.
Besides, don’t forget to do some simple exercises to help both us and our lovely baby healthy. Where as the rest of the womb sculpts a glazed in teardrop lotion to give them a glossy womb baby finish.
Chinese Baby Gender Predictor AccuracyIs it a male or female baby according to your newly used Chinese gender chart? I have given the 8" baby all the details of the larger one, including some very detailed veining system all over his body. These will come home to you very carefully wrapped in tissue and boxed for safety, I will be making another you tube video shortly of Leo being packed, but here is a link to you tube on how I packed my last Conception to Birth series baby Seren.

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