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G-d’s Evacuation Aliyah Plan for 10 million Jews and 2-3 Billion Lost Tribes of Israel back to the Promised Land of Israel.
Yet, something did mysterious happen on this day, that historically did not come in a day synchronized with the Roman apostate Gregorian calendar, but was synchronized with the living and practicing Jewish calendar of that day in Israel, called Judea. HaShem gives us these living dramas as signals to recreate spiritual truths and living realities. Therefore He will deliver them (to their enemies) until the time that a woman in childbirth gives birth; then the rest of his brothers (Lost Tribes of the House of Israel) will return with the Children of Israel. For inquiries about Kol Ha Tor Ministries for the Lost Tribes of Israel, Visit – “Shomron Lives!” a Bed and Breakfast Guest House with Kosher Cuisine, and Tours of Biblical Shomron (Samaria) and Judea, prepared to welcome Lost Tribes of Israel to your Future Homeland.

The History was Revealed by the Prophets and Confirmed by Archeology, the Judgment of the God of Israel was Sealed as they were Exiled to Khurasan in Northern Iran, Eastern Afghanistan and Western Pakistan. They Populated the Lands of Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark), the Isles of the West (Britain, Ireland, and Scotland) the Lowlands (Netherlands and Belgium), the Colonies of Great Britain (United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa) plus the Lands of Northern France, and Germany. This site contains copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner.
The birth of the Messiah would come, nine months later, born in a Succot while millions of Jews were celebrating the fall Festival of Succot while shepherds truly were tending their flocks by night while the Davidian Princess Miriam and her husband, the Prince of David, Joseph were residing in temporary succots (dwelling places) on the hillsides surrounding Bethlehem, celebrating the Jewish redemption from slavery and bondage in Egypt, when Princess Miriam gave birth to Prince Yahshua (G-d saves, G-d delivers, G-d rescues).
He will stand up and lead with the strength of HaShem, with the majesty of the Name of HaShem his G-d.

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